My cat under the duvet looking canny

This shows my cat Gabriel messing around under the duvet for about 30 seconds. He was only in this sort of position for around 15 seconds so I had to move fast.

This is actually a slide show. You’ll see other photos if you use it. Some are of him and a wild parakeet he caught. Sorry if that upsets anyone. He has caught two birds and the other catch was also photographed by me. Both birds were dead when he brought them in. There are some non-cat photos too!

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8 thoughts on “My cat under the duvet looking canny”

  1. He’s so darn cute! I looked at a lot of your photo stream. You are quite the photographer and Gabriel is a photo ham I do believe.

    1. Thanks Linda. I do like photographing him but it takes quite a lot of patience the skill to predict what he’ll do next.

        1. Me too, I like it. That was a tricky one to get. I used an iPhone 4S with a camera/lens connected wirelessly to the phone. I had to predict when he was going to put his paw up at the position.

  2. Sandra Murphey, No. CA, USA

    I love these pictures of Gabriel under the duvet. You captured his expressions so well. I think these are calendar worthy! I’ve also enjoyed your other photos very much.

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