My Cats Hate Each Other. Help!

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My cats hate each other and I don’t know what to do about it. I had a female cat for a long time and about a year ago a adopted another from a rescue center to keep her company as I am away quite a lot.

I expected a bit of uncertainty at the beginning but they have never settled down properly. My first cat still seems to resent the new cat’s presence and when she walks past him she hisses at him. Sometimes she gives him a swipe. It is more an air swipe actually.

I would like them to be more friendly. I had hoped that they would even cuddle up. It seems to me that some cats never get on like some people never get on. Is that right?

If it is a case of two personalities that are never going to get on have I got to give my rescue cat back? I don’t want to do that. It seems wrong to me. But as the idea was to give my first cat company, this has not worked out. It is just upsetting her.

What do people do when this happens?

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My Cats Hate Each Other. Help!

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Mar 19, 2012 at our house NEW
by: Kathy W

Things have settled down at our house for the most part. I have decided that my Bengal cat Lia is just a Bully and gets jealouse when I pet our other male cat Quanah. They both are neautered. They still spray and I have given up on the feliway. I tried the spry and it seemed to work pretty good but its just way too expensive for my budget. Ive tried all different products and have decided that boys will be boys. We have a savannah kitten who will be ay ear old next month and he is spraying all over our house like its the outdoors. If I yell at him he knows its wrong and will run and hide for a while. He pees all over everything and we have taken him to the vet. He doesnt fight or act territorial but hes done two bouts of antibiotics and he hasnt stoppe spraying. I guess the next step is to get him nuetered. I also think we have too many cats in our too small house and we are moving next month to a bigger house with a fenced in back yard and a screen porch which I hope will make a difference.

Mar 14, 2012 cats that fight NEW
by: Joyce

What you need to remember is that cats have a pecking order, even if not from the same litter. The first cat will definitely be the alpha. If you have two females, one will be the alpha and the other will be subordinate. If you have two males, one will be the alpha and the other will be subordinate. Sometimes, one is just a bully and won’t get along with any other cat. As mentioned by others, Feliway is terrific to help cats get along. Usually, separating them when you first get a new cat and introducing them slowly helps. We were fortunate when we recently got a new Persian. We have two Himalayans, a male and female. They have always gotten along and when the Persian came to our home, she got along wonderfully with the other two. Of course, you need to take breeds of cats into consideration. You can’t mix pure-breds with alley cats. Calicos may not always get along with other cats. Read more about personalities with the different breeds before considering adding an addition to your family. The more you know, the better will be your decisions, and the happier your cat family will be.

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Jul 13, 2011 SHOES???
by: Kathy W

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Jun 19, 2011 fighting cats
by: Kathy W

Thank you for the fliway suggestion. The two males had a huge bad fight the other day. Both of them were injured pretty badly. We could not even get them apart. We both were spraqying them with two water bottles and it didnt even phase them. I told my boyfriend to open the bottle and just dump the water on them. He did and they split up. Quanahs leg was swelled up twice the size and the side of Lias face was punctured and in front of his ear. It welled up huge and then drained as did quanahs leg. I applied some relly strong antibiotic cream to both of the injuries. They are better now and Quanah is getting fixed which we think may help but in the meantime I had to do something. So I went and purchased the diffuser. The feliway one was very expensive at 50.00. So I almost passed on it. Then I noticed a farnam product that claimed to be the same thing at only 30.00. It actually had the feliway product bottle inside and I compared the diffusers and could not see any difference. So far it seems to be making a difference. Did I mention both males also were spraying our house all over. I was sp-ending hours wiping walls doing laundry and windows every day. All our cats have their own beds. We also have plenty of litter boxes yet they all prefer to use the same one. I see the feliway is on sale right now on the internet for 21.95, but theres 4,95 shipping and handling. Anyway I needed something right away. The feliway seems to be working. Our female went out of heat, Quanah stopped criying for her, and so far no fights. Thanks so much for the info.

May 28, 2011 I’ve had the same problem last year.
by: Aurora Yen

I am guessing that maybe your cats dislike each other because thay are either a different breed, or because the other cat’s actions/behavior is unusual to the other cat.
I’ve had th e same problem between 2 of my cats, Platinum (female Tabby cat) and Emerald (male Tuxedo cat.) They used to literally fight violently and what I did was seperate them in different rooms for a few days. Then when I let them come to each other, they seemed to have been acting very friendly to each other. I don’t know if one of them apoligized to the other and regreted that they hated each other, or if they forgot that they hated each other.
Right now they are among the best friends I’ve ever seen.

May 03, 2011 same problem
by: Kathy W

Im having the same problem with my older cat Lia. WE have 5 cats. Lia was the first and of course sees himself as the alpha cat. Mind you I talked to a pet physchic to try and get help. She told me he was just a bully cat and wants to pick on the more submissive ones. He only picks on 2 other cats. The male we got to bred with our savannah and our rescued cat mariel with the 8 paws. Her not so much as him. When he attacks it is to try and kitll the other male. I know this because yesterday when I was breaking up the two Lia bite my foot by accdident. Usually the spray bottle works but it happens so fast who has time to look for it. The thing is he knows hes bad when he does this and will be given time out in the bedroom for the rest of the day. Hell go along just fine for days then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. The last time Lia injured Quanahs leg and he had a nasty limp. This time I got the damage. I soaked my foot right away in iodine aas his fangs were sunk right into the top and bottom of my foot. Im keeping it bandaged and am applying anti biotic cream and soaking it in the iodine. The only thing we can figure out is that hes jealouse. Were moving to a bigger house ansd maybe that will help. Any suggestions???

Apr 25, 2011 Cats are people too
by: Barbara

I think this is more common than people realise because I think basically that cats often prefer to be the only cat,it’s a bit like taking two people at random and assuming they will be friends just because they are people. All cats are different and have different personalities, you can’t make them be friends if they don’t want to be, all you can really hope for is a truce. It would be a shame and very traumatic for the rescue cat to once again become homeless and I’m sure you’ve come to love him by now.
I think you have to make sure each cat has their own safe place, their own bed their own litter tray, feeding bowls and toys, maybe even in seperate rooms if you can’t trust them together when you’re out. And of course that both cats get equal love and time with you and that you don’t shout at either one or treat them as though they are naughty when they’re just being cats and doing what cats do. You could also try the Feliway plug ins which diffuse pheremones into the atmosphere and supposedly help cats to feel safe and happy(hopefully they are available in the USA)which might promote peace and love.
We have a similar situation here though our two cats have known each other since they were kittens, they don’t really like each other but rub along tolerably. Cats politics are beyond the human ken I fear. Good luck.

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Apr 25, 2011 Not Easy
by: Michael

Thanks for visiting and asking. I find this sort of situation hard to deal with. A year has gone by. That should be long enough for the two to settle down.

Most often cats will settle down even if for several months there is some hostility.

But sometimes as far as I can see there is a permanent dislike and there is little that can be done about it. Unless a visitor has a really neat idea.

I think what you will find is that there will be emotional distance between them but they will respect each others presence. This will keep the peace.

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