My Cats Have Come to Me

Introduction: this is a comment by Kathryn which I am publishing as an article. I like the way that her cats have come to her. The cat that she currently looks after came to her two days after she lost her 20-year-old cat to old age and not long after her partner died of cancer. She worries about her cat. It is a tender article of a caring cat owner and shows us the emotional bond between human and cat.

Kathryn’s Concerns

I have always had cats. My father died in front of me from a massive heart attack when I wasn’t yrs old.

When I returned to school a darling calico was in the playground after school. She followed me home and my mom said I could keep her. She lived for about 14 yrs and was a sweetheart.

Last year, 2017, was a very hard year for me. My partner died from Cancer and I had to put my 20-year-old Pearl down a few months later.

She was such a friend to me. Two days later an adorable white cat with peach colored ears and blue eyes appeared in my yard. He was very scared but kept returning to be fed and petted. I feel he was sent to me.

He made me smile again and laugh and I named him Magic. He is super smart, fetches, and cuddles for awhile under the covers. I worry about him all the time when he is outside.

I cannot take another loss right now and hope he will turn into an inside cat. I make him stay in at night because I live in the mountains. I’m sure he is a mix because of his medium long hair and fluffy tail.

He is striking to put it mildly. I will try to post a picture. I love cats but feel Siamese are for me…


Note from Admin (Michael): Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please post a picture. Take care of him. If you have the funds you might consider building a large cat containment fence around your backyard for peace of mind. It would be money well spent.

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4 thoughts on “My Cats Have Come to Me”

  1. I believe that God knows everything and sends us comfort in many forms when we really need comfort. Even if we don’t realize we are in need.

    One kitten I rescued from a parking lot grew up to pop a slipped disc back into place. Another kitten we rescued completely mended my broken heart.

    God knew that Kathryn was in need and sent her comfort in kitty form.

    God is great!

  2. Several of mine “came to me” as strays. It is important to check if a cat has an owner (check for a microchip, put a collar on it saying “am I a stray? Phone …..”) or you can be charged with theft. Motley (dark tortie) was turned out of home when the owners didn’t want to bother with her any more (I met a little boy who thought she looked his cat that had “run away”). Thenie belonged to neighbours; they visited me and decided Thenie was happier with me. Mr Minns was a very obvious stray. Spook had been passed from unsuitable home to unsuitable home and finally decided to find his own place (former hubby refused to let me keep him so Spook went to a friend who spoiled him rotten).


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