My Chartreux Cat Sterling Silver

by Danette Lorch
(Roswell, New Mexico)

Sterling and Pip

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Sterling and Pip

I adopted little Sterling from the Humane Society in Phoenix, AZ. He was 8 months old at the time and had just come from a foster home the day I adopted him. He had a broken leg and tail. I assume he had been hit by a car because every time he hears the sound of an engine he gets very scared! As soon as we saw each other it was an instant bond. He was the most unique cat I'd ever dealt with. He couldn't get enough attention when I took him home. I taught him how to play fetch within an hour one day. His favorite toys are rubber bands, bread ties, or anything fuzzy! He figured out how to open cabinets and drawers by himself.

He also listens very well to discipline. I just have to lower my voice and speak to him and he responds. Every time he senses something is wrong with me he is always right there to comfort me. He loves going for walks outside on a leash. But his favorite activity is a long car ride. He can't get enough of the wind blowing through his fur. He is an amazing little hunter! Nothing gets past him. He does have some problems with balancing because of his kinked tail. Sterling loves everybody even if they don't like him at first. He has captured the heart of many cat haters with his sweet little smile and fun tricks. He loves a good neck or belly scratch anytime you want to give him one.

One day I brought home a tiny 3 week old kitten, Pip. Sterling immediately took him under his wing. He bathed the kitten and carried him around in his mouth and always kept a close eye on little Pip. Over a year later they are still best of friends. They also have a little sister named Daisy. Daisy came to us at 4 weeks and Sterling did the exact same thing with her. They all have a monkey see monkey do attitude. Sterling spends many hours a day grooming his long thick blueish silver coat. He got his name Sterling Silver because of the amazing shine on his paws and head. They literally shimmer like silver. In the sun the rest of his coat shines just like his paws. I don't think he is a full blood Chartreux but he posseses all the qualities of one. The only thing that separates him is his long coat.

Sterling is my number one man and my best friend. He has helped me through some tough times. He truly is a blessing and I look forward to the many years and memories to come.

Hi Danette I love your story. I am very impressed by Sterling Silver. He is a fine, intelligent cat. And a very handsome cat. You are both lucky to have each other. Or perhaps you deserve each other. I changed the title a bit to get the story found under Chartreux Cat. I hope you are OK with that....Michael PoC Admin.

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My Chartreux Cat Sterling Silver

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May 27, 2009 Response to last comments
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi Alan, Thanks a lot for your comment. Although you wouldn't have guessed I do know the Chartreux! As far as I remember I mention the Benedictine in the page I built on this cat breed. This nice lady built the page using the visitors form and I changed the title to include the name "Chartreux" as there was some Chartreux cat in her adorable cat companion. I suppose I am using the name Chartreux in a loose sense. The idea of putting the name of the breed in the title was to increase the chance of the page being found by Google. I do appreciate your comment, however.

May 27, 2009 Is this a Chartreux?
by: Alan Edwards

Hi Michael,

A Chartreux is a shorthaired Blue cat originating in France. There is a semi-longhaired version called in some associations, a Benedictine. This lovely chap is a semi-longhair but with a head that resembles an Oriental or an Angora.


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