My Chartreux Roommate & BFF

My Chartreux Roommate & BFF

by Emily


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Meet my best friend and roommate, Sage. Sage is almost 7 years old and is at her "summer" weight of 16lbs. Like most women, she packs on holiday weight during the winter and can get up to 18lbs. I would consider her more of an early morning cat, rather than an evening cat as she prefers breakfast with me rather than dinner.

As a single professional, she greets me at the door when I arrive home each day with bells on. When I previously had roommates she was lovable toward them, but did not greet them. Also, if I was around, she abandoned them to lay by me instead of them. You'll find this is a notable and common quality in Chartreux cats.

A tip: If you want a Chartreux to love you more, it will help if they see YOU putting the food in their bowl.

She is protective of me, similar to that of a dog. She sleeps with her back to me so she can watch the door. Although she is not a lap cat, she is a spoon'er. Her favorite way to sleep is to be smooshed up against me. This is a nice quality to have in a cat as she will never jump on guests and expect attention. Rather, she will just lay next to them. When she naps, she sleeps on her back human-style. I must say, it's adorable.

Although Sage is is quite chubby she is fast on her feet--and I mean fast. When in the mood she attacks her toys and is always up for a good game of "string". Although she is an indoor cat, she still finds time to "hunt". She attacks and hunts hair ties, buttons and crumpled post-its. I can always find them in her dish the next morning. If she is looking for attention, she will leave her "prey" piled up in front of my bed for me in the morning.

Sage is also very quiet, but purrs like mad. I find that she talks most when she wants me to wake up (to show me her "catch" of the night, of course).

Most friends comment on how much she is like me. You know what they say--animals and their humans tend to be quite alike. That couldn't be more true of Sage an I! Chartreux cats will definitely pick up on your moods!

She is very healthy and doesn't seem to have any problems. I notice, however, when the weather gets hot she gets "cat acne". It usually clears up after a week or so. I am unsure if this is common in the breed? Also, she does not like any human food other than tuna (of course). I'm unsure if this is a breed-thing, or a Sage-thing.

She is more loyal than any pet could be and I hope she lives forever!


My Chartreux Roommate & BFF to Chartreux Cat

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My Chartreux Roommate & BFF

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Sep 12, 2010 Just finding out our brother and sister may be Chartruex
by: Laurie


Thank you for having this site. It is so helpful.

Our two cats are brother and sister. Beleg the boy and Turin the girl.

The girl is 7 pounds and the boy is 19 pounds. They are only 1 year and 2 months old. We started to suspect they were not Russian Blue because of the boy's weight.

A friend came to visit and said he thought they were Chartreux. The boy is quite vocal, very loud. The girls chirps. Their purring is like nothing we have heard, whistling almost.

They are so calm and sweet, no crazy fighting with us but they sure fight with themselves. His teeth are huge.

Our boy looks like a panther.

Not sure how to download a photo if I can.

Thanks for any more info you can give.

This is news to us.

Thank you so much.


Aug 02, 2010 Classy
by: Michael

Hi Emily. Thanks for writing about Sage. And you wrote well. I enjoyed your description. I see the Chartreux as a classy cat as this breed has a long history beginning in France. Nothing has changed in this breed from the beginning hundreds of years ago. Your article is classy too.

Michael Avatar

2 thoughts on “My Chartreux Roommate & BFF”

  1. I love this photo….especially as my name is Sage, and I have a Chartreux boy who looks exactly like Sage, named Mr. Kipper!
    Enjoyed the article…my guy is much the same…getting older now, but as beautiful and loving as ever


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