My Darling Devon Rex Boys – Cats of Love

by Jodie
(QLD Australia)

I have 2 adorable Devon Rex boys: Saxon Nick named “Mr Bee”, a blue coloured boy born September 03, and Austin Nick named “Dipurdee”, a red and white mink colour, born May 08.

They are the love of my life and they are just so intelligent. They know a lot of words. I say, “Where’s the Gecko?” and they start looking for one!

Saxon goes and looks behind the clock on the wall and looks at the windows and Austin does similar.

I say, “Where’s the birdies?” and they run and look out the door. They know many other words too and phrases.

They are playful still and are so very affectionate you could call them obsessively affectionate.

They are always on a lap or if I’m lying down, they’re with me; smooching and jump onto my shoulder.

They also crawl into my arms and follow me around the house. They even get into the bath with me!

If I go outside they will be on the window ledge or at the door meowing to me. They love it when friends or someone new drops in. They are all over them, smooching and on their lap.

Most visitors want to take them home with them. My cats are cats of love. They are always sharing their love.

My cats helped me while I was suffering from depression. I would be lost without my cats…I love them so so much. I will post photos once I get a digital camera.

See Devon Rex cats on this site.


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My Darling Devon Rex Boys – Cats of Love

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Jul 11, 2011 Devon Rex breed
by: Gail (Boston, USA)

Jodie, your Devno Rex boys sound like such a bundle of joy! I’m not familiar with this breed, but I saw a photo of one from Michael’s archive. What an interesting and intelligent-looking cat. What a treat – you’ve go 2!!! If you’ve got a cell phone with a camera, you may be able to snap photos of your boys. Hope to see some pictures soon! Enjoy!

Jul 10, 2011 Pictures
by: Michael

I like this cat breed. They seem very cheeky and active. I have never met one in person! But they seem quite small.

I look forward to seeing the photos. I’ll add them to this page.

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