My Deaf Cat Annabelle Had An Accident

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Annabelle on pain meds

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Annabelle on pain meds

Annabelle on pain meds Annabelle in her carrier See drawer track on left My beautiful Annabelle

My deaf white cat Annabelle had an accident on Wednesday morning. It happened in the kitchen and the entire event is still unbelievable. I'm a good cat mama. I don't have any poisonous plants. I keep knives turned down in the dish drainer. I don't have anything at all that could cause harm to a cat or a dog.

At least I thought I didn't. I want to describe what happened to the reader's at so no other cat falls victim to this. The only problem is there's very little way to prevent this from happening.

First of all let me say my cats love going in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. There's not much stored on the right hand side where the drawers are and they like to get under there to hide or nap. Doesn't sound very dangerous, does it?

Wednesday morning around 10 a.m. I heard my daughter Laura screaming from the kitchen. I hurried out of bed and found Laura kneeled down in front of the sink with blood covering her hands. I had no idea what had happened. She was screaming that Annabelle was stuck and had bitten Laura when Laura tried to free her. I told Laura to grab a towel to place over the cat so she couldn't turn around and bite again.

Now for what happened. If you kneel down in front of your kitchen sink and look at the glider's the kitchen utility drawers slide on, you'll see there are very small holes in the metal along the drawer track. Somehow Annabelle had gotten her right back claw hung in one of those small holes. I still don't see my poor cat did it, but she did. We continued to try to free her with no luck. Annabelle was screaming and nothing was working.

I told Laura I was going to the bathroom the get the nail clippers we use to trim the nails on our pets. I decided it was better to sacrifice a claw than for Annabelle to break her leg, as she was well on her way doing. I never made it to the nail clippers. Laura yelled and told me Annabelle was free.

My poor kitty was limping and terrified. She couldn't put the injured foot on the floor and it was swelling up quickly.

What's really eerie about the whole thing is Laura was supposed to be out of town for the day and decided at the last minute not to go.

I took Annabelle to the vet where she was given a steroid shot and a shot for pain. Luckily she didn't break her leg, although I don't see how it was spared. All I could see while I was trying to free her was the grotesque position it was in as we worked trying to free her.

My vet was amazed at how I talked her out of the cage. All I did was put the cage in the floor with the door open and motion with my hands for her to come to me. She's a very intelligent cat.

My vet said she should be healed within a week and it's only a bad sprain. We're thankful it wasn't much worse. He didn't have any strong pain pills for a cat, so he asked if I thought we could give her pain medication if it was an injection. I remembered my daughter saying she had given insulin injections before, so he filled a hypodermic with three doses.

So I headed home with my poor kitty. I'm glad I didn't get pulled over by the authorities. I had a syringe full of pain medicine and an unmarked bottle of antibiotic pills I'd re-uped on for the kittens with the mycoplasma. I could have had some explaining to do. Of course, having a half drugged cat in the front seat would have saved me a trip to jail.

Annabelle has been taking it easy all week. She's restricted movement on her own and only comes out of her carrier to eat, drink and poop. Then it's back in and back to sleep. I take the carrier to bed with me. If she get hungry, she makes her way to the kitchen for food and comes right back to bed.

We feel so badly for her. I know she'll be returning to the vet Monday morning for a checkup and more pain medicine and possibly more steroids. She's very resillient and walks around without allowing the injured paw to touch the ground. Annabelle isn't too thrilled about receiving pain injections, but I think she knows we're trying to help her.

The question I have for the readers today is have any of your cats had really freaky accidents? This was definitely worse than when Furby got his head stuck in a banana box hole.

I've included a photo of Furby and Lola playing in the back of the cabinet. We even kept one of the drawers out for awhile because they liked to hide and chase each other. You can see the steel glider on the left hand side. That is what Annabelle caught her claw on.

Please keep Annabelle in your thoughts and hope for a full recovery.


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My Deaf Cat Annabelle Had An Accident

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Mar 25, 2012
Cats are experts are hiding & scaping ! NEW
by: Anonymous

we've had cats for over 50 years & we've learned that the truly are experts @ hiding & scaping.
One our our rescues, Panchita, her specialty was scaping.
We lost her for over 5 weeks during a horrible winter in Arizona, somehow she managed to scape & find her way back home at midnight during an snow storm. She knocked on front door & my husband said
"Panchita is the only that does that, please go check"
I did, yes,there she was soaking wet, nothing but skin & bones, but she was home.
To show her gratitude, she caught/killed a large next day,the mouse that construction workers couldn't catch.That same day took her to vet & she was diagnosed with mild pneumonia, placed on antiobicts & back to normal in a couple of weeks. She never strayed again.

Cat lover for over 50 years
southeast arizona

Jul 18, 2011
by: Elisa

Annabelle has a bell on her collar so we always here her. It was on her at the time of rescue. Since she can't hear us it helps us find her if she hides. I knock on walls near her sleeping spots and she comes right out. I've had a few private comments on cat accidents and there are now 3 of us whose cats have caught a claw on either the cable or converter box. So we all need to remember that as a common danger. If Annabelle hadn't been putting weight on her paw by today I was to take her back to the vet. She's walking almost as good as normal on it. I may have lost my sleeping buddy. Laura moved her bed into the living room and now Annabelle is stretched out good. I'll leave her carrier on my bed in case she wants to spend time with me as well. Laura's hand is better also. Annabelle bit her twice while Laura was trying to help free her. That had to be terrifying for her being deaf and all. Laura heard her hissing under the cabinet and found her immediately,

Jul 18, 2011
Get well wishes for Annabelle
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

I thought initially that Annabelle had been stepped on, as Michael had written about shortly before this happened. Being deaf, she would be at a disadvantage. I'm glad to hear that, though painful, her accident was not as serious as it might have been! I hope she feels better soon and starts putting weight on that foot again.

I saw a t.v. show about a physical therapist who works only with animals. Her clinic even had an underwater treadmill for dogs. She said that it is very easy to work with animals because if they aren't using a limb or walking properly there is always a good reason. They work harder and complain less than human patients. I can see that being true. Annabelle will quietly recover without complaints, without blaming anyone and without dwelling on what happened.

Jul 18, 2011
Get well soon Annabelle
by: Ruth

I hope Annabelle is better soon. No matter how careful we are, accidents can happen and as often indoors as they do outdoors !
When I was vet nursing we often had kittens or cats in the surgery, stepped on, fallen over or shut in doors or drawers.
Our own house rule is and always has been 'think cat' but it's sometimes not enough.
When our Walter was young he somehow got onto the fridge freezer and down behind the microwave which at the time stood on top against the wall. Somehow he'd wriggled around and got a claw stuck in one of tiny air holes in the back.
I was in on my own and had to climb on a chair, ease the microwave forward while holding him steady and then unhook him. Thankfully he knew I was helping him so he just went limp, he does the same at the vets where as Jozef goes rigid.
Anyway apart from a shredded claw he wasn't hurt.
Needless to say we moved that microwave !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 18, 2011
Good luck
by: Michael

Good luck to Annabelle. I have never been through such an experience. But it could just as easily have happened to one of my cats.

However, I wonder if sometimes small cats and kittens get inadvertently stepped on.

It could easily happen. Take this scenario. Small kitten is waiting for you to give him food. He trails directly behind you and he is silent.

You prepare food and turn and walk to place it on the ground and walk into him breaking his leg. Or killing him.

Just a thought.

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