My Dog Chases Cats

My Dog Chases Cats

by Mark

Cats and Dogs can get on wonderfully<br /> - photo added by Admin and taken by Terry Bain

Cats and Dogs can get on wonderfully
- photo added by Admin and taken by Terry Bain

I've got a problem, my dog chases cats and I don't like it. I would like it if my dog didn't do this. I am think she might attack a cat one day and cause injury. This might get me into trouble and a cat injured. Are all dogs enemies with cats or have I been looking at too may cartoons?

Admin: Hi Mark -- Even though cats and dogs are pets they can behave as if they are not. And the cat is in the middle of the food chain. This means that they are predators and also they can be prey. We know how good a predator a domestic cat can be (see domestic cat hunting) but for outdoor cats there is danger lurking out there in the form of domestic dogs who are not socialized to accept cats.

Dog Chases Cat in a half-hearted way

Of course cats are pretty capable themselves and some will chase a dog. Dogs that chase cats will probably back off once they get close. A stand off is dangerous as cat, when cornered, can inflict some pretty horrible wounds. But the most important point is this. A lot of dogs will happily live with cat companions and play with cats. These dogs are socialized to accept other pet animals and get on well with them and human companions. Good dog breeders will ensure that this is the case and the same goes for cat breeders.

This is one dog that will never chase a cat!

So when you say, "My Dog Chases Cats" it is certain that your dog is not socialized (in this regard) but the position can be rectified with training, time and commitment, if you're prepared to give it.

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