My dog was terrified of the fireworks so my cat went and cuddled up with her my heart is crying still

This post contains a video showing the start of a debate in a committee room at the UK Parliament on restricting the use of fireworks to organised displays.

Cat cuddles up with dog during fireworks
Cat cuddles up with dog companion during fireworks
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As you can see I have cleaned up the image a bit.

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That’s sweet. from r/WhitePeopleTwitter

Debate in UK Parliament on firework displays and petitions – first 3 mins

Comment: Not much to say except (1) It is time to limit fireworks to one community display at a licensed venue and (2) law makers have to start thinking more about how companion animals are affected by these horrible fireworks. Let’s do something about it rather than discussing it year in year out. And if the firework business suffers who cares? Let them go under. Some businesses are just not worth having around.

I would argue that, on balance, the public are in favour of limiting fireworks to organised, licensed displays only. This would give cat and dog owners the time to make preparations for it, if took place nearby. Many fewer cats and dogs (and people) would be adversely affected. Firework displays at home are very selfish. One family enjoys it at the expense of many others who put up with them with clenched teeth.

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