My Domestic Cat Is Becoming Wild! Help Please

My Domestic Cat Is Becoming Wild! Help Please


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Hi, I’m not at home for days, only my wife and niece are at home. They called me up to say the Mou (my cat!) is geting wild, hiding behind furniture and jumping out from behind it yo scratch their feet

She hisses and shows her teeth. We try to go upstairs she waits for them at top ready to jump at them.

I tell you before she not let the niece go up (see link above), but now it’s the wife to.

They say Mou lies on floor making out she want to play. When they bend down she hits out at them.

I be away for another 2 weeks – hope she settles down. Compared to sister “Tiger” she not do anything like that. What you think is going wrong with Mou…Alf

Hi Alf… Nice to hear from Thailand again. There is no doubt that your domesticated feral cat “Mou” reverts to very defensive feral cat behavior when you are away and does the same with people with whom she is not too familiar.

She knows you and is more relaxed with you as a result. But she is nervous and becomes defensive quite easily. Her aggression is reactive aggression that comes from being nervous or sometimes there may be a territorial situation that drives her to protect it. By reactive I mean she reacts to things going on around that she is unsure about and which make her defensive. Defensive aggression is probable the most common form of aggression in the domestic cat. She might want to play but then realises that she is unsure and becomes a little aggressive. Although it is easy to confuse rough play with aggression, please note.

Basically, it is all normal! Don’t worry but ask you wife and niece to give Mou space, plenty of space and not to interfere with her too much unless they have to until you are home again, when things should settle down.

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