My fearless, desperate cat

by Bobbie

We were waiting for a friend at her new home who was moving to area. As we were waiting, we opened the car door and a cat jumped into my lap. He only had one front leg and he had been abandoned.

We never knew what type of cat he was except that he was so lovely and sweet. After finding this website, we know he was a Tiffany which is very comforting somehow.

He crossed the rainbow bridge last year, but he is still in our hearts.

Scooter looks exactly like your Arthur.

Thank you!


Hi Bobbie.. As you can see I added a title, which I think truly reflects the situation.

It is unusual for a cat to jump into a complete stranger’s lap immediately on seeing the person unless the cat is desperate (
for a domestic environment) or fearless or both.

Some abandoned domestic cats do seek new human companions. I have experience of that too.

Thanks for posting. Glad he had a nice life.


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