My female Munchkin cat nursing her offspring

by Fendi
(Johore, Malaysia)

My female munchkin nursing her offspring

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My female munchkin nursing her offspring

I am really interested in this breed. I became aware of the existence of this breed in 2006. Late huh... hehe... But then I tried to find one as pet. But here, in Malaysia, this breed is too rare and many Malaysians here cannot recognize this breed, even the owner of the petshop here.

Especially, here in Johore, one of the states in Malaysia.... Most of the petshop owners said that this kind of breed has no market.

I don't know, but for me, this breed is so, so and so adorable.... And, they also said that the Munchkin breed must mate with Munchkin breed. It's not true right???

Because, from my readings, they are autosomal dominant and if two munchkin are mated together, they tend to get 25% fatal feotus..Am I right?

If not, please let me know then. I mate my female munchkin with my Persian stud, and, get 3 standard munchkin kitten and 3 non-standard Munchkin kitten. So the theory is true then.

With the standard Munchkin mating together with a normal legged cat, I can get 50% standard munchkin and 50% non-standard munchkin (normal legged cat) kittens. Above is a picture of my female Munchkin nursing her offspring... Thank you..

Update: - Hiro Nakamura. Son of Suci (The munchkin)

Here a picture of my Munchkin queen's son. Hiro Nakamura...(Japanese name) hehehehe... He is a semi-long hair Munchkin because his mum (standard Munchkin) is the carrier of longhair coat n his father is traditional Persian.

Munchkin kitten
Hiro Nakamura


Hi Fendi... Everything that you say is correct. Great. You know more than the others! In fact as you say it is essential to do as you are doing.

Thanks for returning to the site. It is very nice to hear from cat people in Asia and places that are a long way away from Europe and the USA.

I have a question. You come from Johore. Google maps finds Johor. Is this where you live? Please leave a comment by clicking on the link below.

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My female munchkin nursing her offspring to Munchkin cat

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My female Munchkin cat nursing her offspring

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Oct 14, 2011 Hi Hitomi
by: Michael

It is difficult for you. I would try two things. There is a Munchkin cat breeder in California, USA who ships internationally. You might contact them. They are listed here on They are called "Just Because".

And you might read this page on the Asian cat fancy. The cat fancy is a group of cat breeders. Something may help you.

Good luck and thanks for visiting.

Oct 13, 2011 Where can i get Munchkins kittens?
by: Hitomi

Hi, i'm fans of Munchkin! May i know where i can get one?? I'm from Penang, but i sincerely willing to buy it, please let me know where i can get in Malaysia with the contact or whenever you have another batch of litter. Kindly email me @ I tried to find everywhere i could in Penang but fails..i hope you cna help me with that.. =) Thank you so much and have a nice day!

Sep 23, 2010 Munchkin To mate


I have a female munchkin ready to meet some handsome guy of her own species. No, I am not a breeder and have no intention to be one.

Anyone interested, do email me.


Sep 19, 2010 Hello from Taipei
by: Zoe

Hi, I'm from Johor too! I live in Taiwan now tho. I've just gotten a Munchkin kitten and she is so cute! Love your kitten pics too 🙂

Aug 28, 2010 want to find munchkin too.
by: Anonymous

hi also from johore..really in leave with munckin..if u happen 2 sell ur munchkin breed, pls let me know email.


Jun 01, 2010 munchkin
by: Jammy

Hi I am also looking for a munchkin kitten to purchase. Please email me at if you have details on where i could get one.. thanks!

May 18, 2010 How can I contact you Fendi?
by: Naz

Fendi, I am a die hard fan of Munchkin breed too, but having a lot of trouble finding one. Where did you get your munchkin cat at first? Do u know where I can find one? I am from Penang. Please do reply. My mail is

Mar 14, 2010 "Munchkin Cat"
by: Rudolph.A.furtado

Learning about the "Munchkin cat" for the first time through "Pictures of cats" blogs. Had passed through "Johor" province by road on my way to Singapore in 2007 and photographed a giant "Pet Fish' kept in one of the restaurant ponds. Akin to the "Munchkin cat', it was the first time in my life that i viewed a "jaws type fish" in a artificial pond.As they say "Travel" and the "Internet" broadens your horizon of knowledge.

3 thoughts on “My female Munchkin cat nursing her offspring”

  1. Hi Michael

    Thanks for your advice..would the kitten be safe to be ship here? I was trying to find it here locally, as it would be easier..i would even willing drive to johor to fetch it…if ship internationally it cost easily over 2k, which is quite out of my budget as i need to take it to take vaccination and deworm and full body check too..and i will provide top quality food for my kitten only…so i need to find one without crossing my budget..


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