My Feral Babies

My Feral Babies

by Kitty


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I have a feral colony of cats that my husband and I have been caring for, for 2 years. It started with a litter of 4 kittens, about 6 months old.

The group has grown to 15. We live next to a community college where we believe many of them were dumped.This year we had 11 kittens. Only 2 survived. We are not sure what happened to them, except for one that we lost to a URI that was discovered too late.

Every one of them has a name. Every one of them is loved. A a few of them are semi-feral. They love me and love to be petted, but only by me.

The rest show their appreciation by bringing me gifts and doing flip flops, about 5 feet away from me!

It gets really expensive to care for them. I'm lucky that the restaurant I work at gives me a LOT of scrap meat to feed them with.

It's not an ideal diet, but they have full bellies. We are currently working with a small TNR group that is going to help us get them "fixed" at little cost to us.

We really love these guys and we wouldn't change a thing!!


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My Feral Babies

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Sep 03, 2010 Should be Satchmo!
by: Leah


I love Satchel! What a beautiful face! That lovely big mouth! Thats why I said Satchmo after Louis Armstrong; Satchel mouth!

You sound happy and so do your cats. I'm so pleased they have you to fill their bellies and get them neutered. Once they are they'll be an even happier colony.

Lovely to read your story hope you'll join us again soon

Sep 03, 2010 To Kitty
by: Ruth

Hello Kitty, I admire you very much for your kindness to those feral cats.
I wish there were more people like you.
Satchel is gorgeous and he does look as if he's smiling, bless him.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 03, 2010 Hi Kitty
by: Michael

Thanks for helping feral cats and sharing your experiences. You are one of us.

Satchel has a smiling face and he is all grey (blue in cat fancy parlance) as far as I can see.

He has the hallmark of a Chartreux the ancient French cat that is sometimes referred to as the smiling cat.

They have this smiling expression due to the structure of their heads and muzzle. I have not seen more pronounced smile on a cat before. He is obviously extremely happy with you!

Michael Avatar

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