My first cousin Billy Idol threw a kitten against a wall killing her

My first cousin is Billy Idol. He is the son of my father’s brother. Both my father and Billy Idol’s father are now deceased. Billy Idol’s real name is William Broad. My name is Michael Broad.

 Billy Idol photo by WireImage
Billy Idol photo by WireImage
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In the news today (the date of this post), on the website, there is a report about the memoir of a ‘glam-rock weirdo’, Adam Bomb. He claimed that in the 1980s the “White Wedding” singer flew into a fit of rage, grabbed hold of a kitten and threw her/him against the wall of their apartment and killed her.

Bomb says in his book that his then ‘honcho’ (girlfriend?), Claire O’Connor, told him that:

“Billy Idol could get really vile. He got Perri a kitten, and after a nasty argument, he threw the kitten against the wall in their apartment and killed it”. (note: I have been told that ‘Perri’ was not the name of the kitten but a girlfriend of Billy’s)

Obviously I’m ashamed of my cousin if this allegation is true. There’s no reason to disbelieve the testimony of Claire O’Connor and therefore I have to believe that it is true. It is probable that at the time Billy Idol was either drinking or taking drugs and lost control. However, I’m not defending him. He possibly hates or dislikes cats which is ironic because we are obviously on the opposite ends of the spectrum with respect to our relationship with the domestic cat. Billy admits he has made some awful decisions in his life. That probably includes his behaviour on occasions.

I met and played with Billy Idol way back when I was a teenager or even perhaps earlier than that. I don’t recall meeting him since. He was at his father’s party which I attended at the time when his father was dying. He did not come down to the party from a bedroom upstairs as I recall. That was the last time that I had an opportunity to meet him.

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    • I take your point but there is such a thing as freedom of speech. Humans are naturally bitchy. It is the human condition and one reason why animals are better than humans some might argue.


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