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My Friend With the Big Green Eyes — 1 Comment

  1. I love your poem, Debbie. I have a daughter, Debbie, who is a poet and an animal rescuer
    in CA. We have been cat lovers forever. I was born on St Francis’s birthday so always loved the outdoors, including birds, etc. People complain that cats kill birds. Give God credit! He made birds and cats to coexist. Our birds buzz our kitty! She tries to hide and catch them. She doesn’t. They just tease her. She is a wild cat who came to our backyard two years ago. We call her Spooky because she appears and disappears. We had to lure her into the house because winter was on us and she would freeze. I had lost my previous house cats and was battling mice coming in for the winter too. She took care of this problem very well. Thank God for cats,!!!

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