My Friend’s Cat Licks Unframed Photos

My Friend’s Cat Licks Unframed Photos

by Kim Rhoades

Michael added this Flickr photo of a cat (

Michael added this Flickr photo of a cat ("Q") licking curtains. Photo by DDFic

My friend's cat licks unframed photos why is she doing this?... thanks for the question. This might sound a bit weird but I think it is not. It is probably one of two things. Either the print is manufactured with a material or processed with a chemical that simply tastes nice to a cat or your friend's cat is doing scent exchange and licking the smell of your friend from the photo after she or he has touched it.

Cats lick their human companions quite a lot. This is tasting the scent of the person to read their scent signals to allow them to feel more at home.

You can see the same thing when we stroke our cat. Sometimes they lick the area stroked thus tasting us by licking up the very faint scent that we have deposited on their fur.

A cat has a much more refined sense of smell than us.

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My Friend's Cat Licks Unframed Photos

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Oct 30, 2009 Cat Licking Photo
by: C. Kennie

My cat, Cinnamon, also liked to lick unframed photos. My vet thought that it was the chemicals used in processing the photos. He advised me to put these photos away or to have them framed with glass covering the photos. I hope that this helps you understand why she is doing this.

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