My Fur Baby Mixed Breed Cats

My Fur Baby Mixed Breed Cats

by Carol G
(Columbus, OH, USA)

My Little Red-Head

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My Little Red-Head

Every cat I've ever had has been a mixed-breed, to the point where I couldn't tell what the heck they were mixes of. (Until my baby girl Amunet, that is, but we're not talking about her today.) I have an orange tabby now, named Garfield, who is an absolute hellion, but I love him to death.

He loves to lay on my lap and sleep, but that can be a bit annoying when I have my laptop and he wants to cuddle with Momma. He also loves playing and giving kisses, and he's a very vocal little man, especially when he wants attention.

I never was a fan of tabby cats until I saw Garfield, and he found a way to wedge himself into my heart.


Hi Carol....thanks for showing us Garfield. I hope you don't mind me adding to your page and altering the title a bit so that it gets found by Google more easily.

I have never heard the word hellion before and I like it. Is it a combination of "hell" and "lion"?! And does it mean that he can misbehave like hell and has the appearance of a miniature lion!

I also have always lived with mixed breed cats. They just come to me. There are many who need a home.

In a way the term "mixed breed cats" is a misnomer as there is no mixing of breeds. Their genetic make up (genotype) is just random breed. They could be called "random bred cats" but that is derogatory, perhaps. The better term is just "cats" because they are the norm and what all domestic cats should be like, I believe. Cat breeds are an invention of people and for people.

And all cat breeds are the same cat species, the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus), a domesticated wild cat (Felis silvestris silvestris).

Finally you have given me an idea for an article; cats and computers because cats frequently get in the way when we are computing. Well for they don't really get in the way....Michael

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Dec 05, 2009
Cats and computers
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Ha ha I just opened this page and one of our boyz, Jozef, came along and turned me out of my computer chair. I'm sitting on a hard chair right now beside him.
Garfield is gorgeous.I've not heard hellion before either, it's a good description.
Our other boy, Walter, has different tactics, he sits on my desk in front of the screen.
Cats do love attention and ours know they will get it on demand !

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