my gorgeous bubbadoo x

my gorgeous bubbadoo x

by janelle

this is bubbadoo on christmas day x

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this is bubbadoo on christmas day x

bubbadoo is my 4 month old black persian kitten he's not flat faced but not doll faced either he's in between haha i love him so much i just wish he'd stop stealing everyones dinner!!

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my gorgeous bubbadoo x

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Feb 16, 2009 awww bless
by: janelle

awwww bless i too have a tortershell half persian....shes 12 now so she spends most her days lazing on beds or in the summer on the lawn

ive never been a fan of the flat faced look either it cant be healthy for the cat surely.....and as it was christmas eve i treated bubbadoo to a bath 😀 hes fur goes lovely when brushed and powdered (a tiny bit to help stop matts) hes a high maintenance puddy cat x

Feb 16, 2009 A real looker!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your photo. What a real cutie pie he is! I love his puffed out fur. I admire Persians, but never liked the flat-faced look, so yours is a real treat!

My Torotiseshell has a tiny sliver of Persian in her and let me tell you, she never lets you forget it! She's truly a regal feline in every sense of the word, yet so very gentle. She even gently paws the face of her vet when he draws blood. When she gets excited, be it happy or upset, her beautiful hazel-brown eyes become a very vibrant magenta color! LOL!

Many happy years to you both!

Feb 16, 2009 thankyou x
by: janelle

thankyou so much for the lovely comment....bubbadoo is the most gentle and loving of cats i definately think your right about the persian personality they are by far the most gorgeous and loving breed of cat....ive had cats for over 16 years but they have all been moggys.....this is my first persian and i have totally converted to the breed already they are truly gorgeous your persian sounds lovely ive always loved white cats especially persians they are so elegant....and think you are right about the faces the *ultra flat faced* persians dont appeal to me i can imagine its very uncomfortable for them to have such ultra faces....bubbadoo's mum was a dollfaced and his dad and ultra so hes got a bit of both giving him the most gorgeous face

thankyou x

Feb 16, 2009 Beautiful Persian!
by: Frosty7530

thank you for posting your beautiful cat! I have always admired the black persians at the shows. They seem to have the most gentle temperments, with the Red Persians being most playful! I have owned Persian Cats for 30 years now and I just love the breed. I think your cat does have a perfect face. you don't want the extreme because they tend to have pulmonary (respitory) problems.

I am the proud owner of a white-blue eyed Persian. I had wanted a black one; but at time I was looking for cat, none were available in the area I lived in. I was fearful my new kitten would be deaf or blind, but he was/is a very healthy and good spirited cat. I never dreamed I would own a white Persian because of the upkeep, but he keeps his coat real clean! I am convinced Persians have a mystical, psi factor built into their temperments. They always seem to be able to do mental telepathy, and they are of great comfort when I am ill or down. I wish I could find more information about the unusual intellegence of Persians, they are more than just a beautiful face.

You have a georgeous cat! I wish you & "BubbadooX" many more healthy, playful years.

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