My Introduction To Maine Coons

My Introduction To Maine Coons

by Jill Sullivan



I adopted a rescue cat, a lovely red and white boy with a huge tail and a big personality to go with it. When my husband and I went for a look we fell in love with him right away we knew it was the cat for us.

When we went in the cage to stroke him we were told to be careful as he bit. He rolled over on his back and let us tickle his stomach, the girl looked at us in disbelief.

We took him to the car and somehow he escaped from his transporter box that they had given us but just sat quite happy on the back seat thank goodness.

He really became my husband's cat as he would jump on my lap purring to be stroked then would nip me and jump down looking over his shoulder at me with tail in air as if to say got you again. I fell for it every time!!

He used to lie on the stairs waiting for me to come down and catch my legs in the passing, he loved that game especially if my hands were full.

He loved to play with the dog next door and had several houses he went to, to be fed. He also waited for my neighbour every shopping day to come home and walked in when she opened the door.

He didn't care that she had an Alsation. He was about 4 when we got him and we since discovered that he was at least part Maine Coon. He loved a bath and licked our heads grooming us.

He died at about age 12, he went to his favorite tree and went to sleep there not waking up. We both still miss old wallace so much and we now have 6 Maine Coons and 2 Ragdolls.


My Introduction To Maine Coons to Maine Coon Cats

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My Introduction To Maine Coons

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Jan 31, 2010 Old Wallace
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Jill. I really enjoyed reading about old Wallace. How the shelter expected him to be biting and then he just rolled over and allowed you to tickle him instead. He was probably just waiting for the right people to come around, so he could adopt them. 😉
Cats like him stay with us long after they are gone.

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