My Kitten Got Burned

by Ariel
(Ontario, Canada)

i was playing with a lighter looking at the flame because i like fire and i guess my kitten did to because he jumped on the table where i had the lighter and started watching the flame. before i could stop him he touched the flame and as soon as he touched the flame he jumped off the table and ran away. what should i do? one of the main reasons i’m so worried is because he is only 5 weeks old. please help me!!!!!!


Hi Ariel.. thanks for visiting and asking. Sorry to hear that your kitten got burned.

Regulator visitors to this website would say, see a vet. They are correct. In addition to that sound advice I’ll add my two pennies worth..

You say that your kitten, “touched the flame” (of a lighter). And you were holding the lighter so you saw what happened.

I am guessing that your kitten’s paw was only in contact with the flame for a very short time. On that basis the burn will be a first degree burn. You’ll need to check out the paw pads etc.

Please tell me how bad this burn is. You don’t provide a lot of information. Was the fur burned for example?

First degree burns cause the skin to become slightly swollen and painful. They will heal naturally provided infection is avoided.

Second degree burns are deeper and more painful and there will be blistering. They take about 20+ days to heal provided there is no infection.

Veterinary attention is advised because except for minor burns there could be complications. It would seem that in this case the burn could be minor but caution is required. Play safe.

For minor burns the advice is to apply a cool compress to alleviate the pain (not ice). Renew the compress. If there is burned skin the hair around it should be clipped, the skin gently washed with surgical soap and triple antibiotic cream applied. Fit a loose-fitting gauze dressing that is changed daily.

Burned areas should be protected against grooming if the cat wishes to groom the area. The dressing will probably achieve this.

Hope this helps. The first thing is to assess how bad the burn is. If you are not sure it has to be a vet visit surely.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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My Kitten Got Burned

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May 18, 2012 thanks ruth NEW
by: Anonymous

thanks ruth everyone is yelling at me and im only 12… :$

Apr 23, 2012 Pet Parent NEW
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

You might not be able to do things in the same way as before the kitten came into your life. You are like the kitten’s parent and have to think like a parent of a toddler. Anything you are doing she will get in there quicker than you can react. You are very lucky in what happened with your lighter that your kitten’s fur did not catch fire. Burns are probably the most painful and debilitating type of injury that can befall anyone. You can’t forget that fire is dangerous. I get the attraction to the dangerous– I’ve got a bit of that in myself. But as soon as you become complacent, someone gets hurt. You forgot the danger and your kitten paid the price.

I don’t think it’s necessarily weird to be playing with your lighter, but then I’m surrounded by pyromaniacs a lot because my husband and I shoot fireworks professionally in the summers. Fire and pets don’t mix though, as you found out. At one show we had someone’s dog come running right into the staging area. Luckily, my husband saw it and stopped the show and a fireman came in to get the dog. The dog’s caretaker tried to run right into harm’s way after the dog. Why someone would even bring a dog to a fireworks show is beyond me– and off leash to boot! So you might feel badly that you did something foolish and your cat got hurt, but there are stupider people out there than you, believe me. Please don’t become one of them.
If you ever decide to play around with fireworks (which I really urge you not to do) please use your head and keep the cat away from that. Even some of the consumer grade stuff could kill a small animal at close range.

Apr 22, 2012 He/she that plays with fire will get burned!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I’m with Barbara more than 100%, it seems you have the makings of a “pyromaniac” a person that enjoys fire, before there’s serious trouble please get mental help, ASAP.
That poor kitten needs to seen by vet quickly, right now he’s traumatized because of getting too close to that flame.Kittens need to stay with momma cat till they’re @ least 8 weeks old. Need emotional & physical support.
A cat lover

Apr 22, 2012 Don’t play with fire NEW
by: Barbara

If this tale is true then it’s a lesson not to play with fire, not because you might get burnt yourself but because someone innocent, in this case your kitten, may get burnt as a result of your irresponsibility. You are a human being and presumably responsible for your own action however bizarre they might seem to the rest of us, you are also, presumably again, the owner of a baby animal and therefore you are responsible for the kitten’s safety, and I might add that at 5 weeks the kitten isn’t old enough to have left his mother so if you are responsible for mother cat and her litter of kittens then I suggest you pull yourself together and start acting that way. IF your tale is true, and I have grave doubts that it is, and you really sat holding a lighter and allowed the kitten to approach the flame and burn himself then I think you are a little sick. Grow up, attend to that kitten’s care by acting on Michael’s advice above as a matter of urgency and then get yourself sorted out so that you have better things to do than sit staring at a flame and writing a post about burning a kitten would be my advice.

Barbara avatar

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