My Kitten has a Slightly Swollen Rectum

My Kitten has a Slightly Swollen Rectum

by Denise
(Essex, UK)

I have just purchased a pedigree kitten. He is 17 weeks old, full of life and fun but his bottom is slightly protruding.

It’s a normal colour with normal poo. Should I consult the vet?

Thanks Denise

Hi Denise… thanks for visiting and asking.

As the feces are normal, I will rule out an inflamed rectum due to repeated bouts of diarrhea.

But the anal canal can be irritated by the passage of sharp object such as bone chips and hard dry stools. You don’t say if the stools are hard.

If the stools are dry see home treatment for cat constipation. If the rectum is irritated it can be soothed by applying ointment such as Triple Antibiotic Ointment (USA).

However, from reading your short post, I get the impression that the this is a protrusion of the anal tissue rather than inflammation. This is called anal and rectal prolapse.

This is caused by prolonged straining. I am told that kittens under four months of age have the highest incidence of prolapse.

There may be an underlying cause. Conditions that predispose to prolapse include infectious enteritis, fecal impaction (hard feces that are stuck), colitis, feline urologic syndrome. If one of these is applicable a vet is required.

For the time being I would watch carefully and regularly. Your kitten might be placed on a stool softener. In the USA this might be Colace Liquid. Suggested food might be Hills c/d (a low residue diet that is highly digestable).

This site’s article on home treatment for cat constipation may help.

Ordinary human milk causes diarrhea and butter helps with straining apparently.

This page contains some products that might help.

Note…. these are suggestions only. If in any doubt see a vet. However, I don’t think a vet is required if your kitten is otherwise healthy and bright but a watchful eye and immediate action is required if things change, obviously.

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