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My kitten likes to jump up and bite and lick my face area. Help please. — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Linda.
    Your kitten is being a kitten and, as said, will outgrow some of that unless it is reinforced by you or others. Your best maneuver would be to distract her toward more appropriate play each time her hurtful behavior starts. Interactive toys are exceptional for that. To prevent boredom, I’ve always created or bought things that could be hung from doorknobs or cabinets to be batted and played with and don’t require my engaging often.
    All in all, your sweetheart sounds like a normal 10 month old kitten that has entered the, also, normal “terrible twos” equivalent of humans.

  2. Dear Linda_ Since you are used to dealing with a dogs, which jump, lick bite etc..it could you allowed this behavior in her, not realizing that this might not be a cat habit you wish to live with over the long haul. I would buy a lemon scented body spray for you{not your cat]. She won’t like the smell or taste of it. Talk softly to her.

    Also_it is possible she is mimicking the actions exhibited in your dogs?
    As for the claws-give her time to learn how to use them and a good scratching post she can climb.

    I once shared my home with a Japanese Bobtail named Bunny and I can tell you they are lap creatures and very intelligent too. Gradually to calm her by giving her an active place to run and play [ without the dogs in the same area. Cats like to play in a serene environment, where they don’t have to worry about who or whats coming around the corner.
    A Bobtail is a Wonderful pet and will reward you if you learn to read her intentions. Love her unconditionally. Eva_

  3. This seems like a difficult issue, and one I’ve never had. As you said, the kitten will outgrow it, but until then, hopefully the guardian will receive helpful responses. This is one I have no answer for, and am just thankful I’ve never had to deal with it.

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