My Kitty Biscuit

by Sarah

I Just adopted a beautiful adult Persian cat 3 days ago. He was at a shelter in Salt Lake City and I fell in love with his adorable flat face.

He is orange with stunning yellow eyes and a funny temperament.

The first day I brought him home he hid under the bed and would not come out, but that night he turned into a cute little beasty.

Not only did he come out but he made a game of jumping on top of me, and sticking his nose in my face then he would demand to be petted.

After that he would get down, wait until I started to fall asleep, and then do it all over again.

He even did the same thing to my Shih Tzu a few times. She solved the problem by crawling under my blanket and into the safety of my arms!

All and all I think that if you give this breed of cat a quiet, safe, and loving environment to de-stress and explore they can be terrific pets.

Biscuit bit me twice at the shelter and a few of my scratches even bled but now that he feels safe he is really a very sweet kitty who wants nothing more than to play and be petted.

I would put a picture up but I want to give him more time to adjust before taking him to the groomers, and his hair is a little to scary for his close up.


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My Kitty Biscuit

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Aug 09, 2011 Aw sounds so sweet!
by: Leah

Thanks for sharing Biscuit sounds just adorable!
Yes your scratches will heal but never have Biscuit de-clawed because his paws never will.

Jul 19, 2011 Enjoyed your story
by: Michael

Hi Sarah…I enjoyed your story. I am not a great fan of the flat faced Persian. I prefer the doll face Persian.

But…you paint a charming picture of a really nice companion cat and you have softened my thoughts about this cat breed.

Thanks for sharing.


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