My Kitty Meg

My Kitty Meg

by Terimarie Hernandez

My Cat Meg

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My Cat Meg

I have had me cat ever since she was born. All these years I thought she was a short haired tabby. But I recently found out that she is not. I found that tabby is not a breed of cat, it is the name of a coat pattern a cat can have. I was told that she was a Maine Coon, but I don't think she is. My friend said Maine Coon because she has an M on her forehead. But I looked it up and there are other breeds of cats that have the M on their forehead.

I have been told that she is a BIG cat and that she is very beautiful. I think she is too. I love her to death, and I would never leave her. I know she can't understand me but I constantly tell her I love her. But I think she figured that out by how many times I hold her and hug her and kiss her head. Anyway I love cats of all kinds, the only breed I don't like is the cat that has no fur. So I am always looking up things on cats. Every since I found out about tabby, I am searching everywhere on computer to find out what my cat might be. Or what she is close to on breeds. I found out that there are unknown breeds and that lots of cats are breedless, they have no breed, their just a cat. No matter what my cat is I will still love her. If this works I have a picture included in this things I am writing. If anyone has any ideas of what my kitty could be, I have a yahoo answers profile. My name on there is shorty luvs hugs, go to my profile and email me there.

Hi Terimarie, Meg, as you say, is a tabby and white cat, a beautiful cat as you say. She is probably a mixed breed but she looks as though she might have some Norwegian Forest (NFC) cat blood. Meg is medium long haired and the NFC, Maine Coon and Siberian cats are similar and may have the same origin. Sometimes unregistered non-purebred, non-pedigree cats are only one or two generations removed from the purebred. They even might be purebred but without documents to confirm that we don't know.

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My Kitty Meg

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Mar 09, 2009 Kitty Meg
by: Gail (U.S.A.)

I also believe you have a wonderful relationship with your cat. Believe me, she knows how much you love her and understands you very well - spoken word or not. When we communicate with our companions, our tone of voice and the vibes we give off are directly affecting the response our felines return. Meg knows you care and responds in kind.

As for her breed, I would concur with Michael. Whether or not she is of a specific breed, Meg's loyalty to you is far more important. Enjoy her and she will never let you down.

Mar 08, 2009 Closeness
by: Anonymous

I sense a beautiful closeness between you and Meg. This is the same for me with my stray cat that I rescued about 16 or more years ago. She has been a great companion to me, although she stops me going on holiday because she finds cat hotels a bit stressful these days.

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