My Kitty Thinks He’s a Turkish Angora

by Joyce Sammons
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Furby  at Three Months Old - photo Joyce Sammons

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Furby at Three Months Old - photo Joyce Sammons

I found my kitten lost and alone and injured the day of my boyfriend's funeral. He just walked across the road in front of me on my way home and I turned around and went back to find him.

I didn't have the heart to ignore him. Every time I travel this particular road I see at least 7 dead animals.

He was sitting in front of an abandoned barn out in the middle nowhere. He was looking up at me and didn't resist when I picked him up and took him home.

First of all let me say I DIDN'T WANT A CAT!I have dogs and my daughter has a cat and I'm layed off from my job at the local hospital. This was not the time for an injured stray kitten. He sure changed my mind in a hurry.

Furby a fantastic plucky little feral cat that thinks he is a Turkish Angora
Photo by Joyce Sammons -- Furby a
plucky little feral cat who thinks
he is a Turkish Angora

We didn't know it at the time but he had a fly larvae growing in his neck. I called around to different vets and finally one agreed to sell me the antibiotic to heal him. We took him with us to the vet and the assistants fell in love with him and shaved his neck and cleaned the wound.

He literally had a hole in his neck. I've owned 5 cats in the past who were identical to him and know a great deal of cat first aid. At that point we thought it was an abscess. Three days later he wasn't healing and we lanced his neck and later that night the "worm" came out.

Furby a fantastic plucky little feral cat that thinks he is a Turkish Angora
Photo by Joyce Sammons -- Furby a plucky little feral cat
who thinks he is a Turkish Angora

He's been the sweetest most unusual kitty I've ever owned. My daughter and I named him Frankenfurby "Furby" because I've created a little monster.

He's so funny-and clumsy. He'll be taking a nap and roll off the back of the couch then I'll see that little head and two paws come into view and he'll go right back to sleep. I had to put a pillow below the kitchen bar where he eats. He'd take 2 steps backward and fall off. His Turkish Angora name is Emri meaning 'home ruler." He even has my dogs trained. He walks over them and under them to get where he's going.

Furby a fantastic plucky little feral cat that thinks he is a Turkish Angora
Furby a plucky little feral cat who looks simply adorable
and vulnerable in this fine photo by Joyce Sammons

Did I mention we held him 24/7 the first 2 weeks. We wanted him to know he was loved. He also eats out of my plate and I make his food. He sleeps with me and takes naps on my shoulder or in my lap. I have a blanket my boyfriend used his last weeks at Hospice House and he found it the first day and claimed it.

It doesn't matter to me that he isn't a purebred. His head is too small and he's bow-legged when he walks and I'm sure if I stood him upright and painted him white he'd look like a bowling pin.

He loves to lay on his back and doesn't shy away from strangers. He knows he's the guest of honor. I'll wake up at night and find him staring at me.

He had a minor accident when he stuck his head through the hole in a banana cardboard box and couldn't get it back through. I even have a video on YouTube called Kitten in a Pot. Here it is:

I know my boyfriend sent Furby to me to help me during the worst time of my life. Furby doesn't mind if I cry on him at night. I think he's glad just to be fed and held and loved.

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My Kitty Thinks He's a Turkish Angora

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Jun 03, 2011 Rescue Kitties
by: Sunny Waymire

I have to say your Furby is the cutiest one I've seen in so far, he is surely a kitten angel sent from heaven for your time of grief to give your special comfort. I have two rescue cats myself and they have helped me through depression after my becoming disabled and having my sons leave home. They give me a great deal of joy. Thanks for sharing your stories. They are a great deal of comfort for many of us who need it. God bless you and yours.

Dec 25, 2009 To Joyce
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Furby is absolutely gorgeous, I love the video, his litle face when he looks up at the end is so innocent.I'm so glad you took him home.Yes I'd say definately Archie sent him to you.
I'm so sad for you, the first Christmas after losing a loved one is the worst and nothing anyone says can help really, only time.
Have a peaceful day with your daughter and Furby and your dogs.
I hope 2010 is better for you and you find another job very soon.

Dec 25, 2009 Yes
by: Michael

Yes, Joyce, I can tell that you are in love with little Furby. But who could resist?

Dec 24, 2009 Angora or Maine Coon
by: Joyce Sammons

When I found him I thought he might be a Maine Coon but he's gonna be too graceful and a lot smaller. He looks just like the Angoras on the web. As long as he doesn't mind having fresh tears as a bedtime snack I don't care what kind of cat he is.

Dec 24, 2009 Here's the original story written Furbys 2nd day
by: Joyce Sammons

The drive toward home was very peaceful. It’s a 40 mile trip from the funeral home to my place. A nice countryside drive. At the halfway point I saw something in the road. I squinted and tried to identify what was in the road. It was about the size of a squirrel but walked more like a cat or dog. As I got closer I saw that it was a kitten. A really TINY kitten. I haven’t done this in many many years but I pulled into the church parking lot about a block up the road and turned around and went back. All I could think of was it getting back in the road and hit by a car. I pulled in next to an old barn and put my car into neutral. I called out for the kitten as I neared the barn. Then I looked down and saw it. It was sitting in front of the barn looking straight at me. I thought it would run but it let me reach down and pick it up. When I put it in the front seat with me it lay there a few minutes and then got into the floorboard. When I was 10 minutes from home I called Laura and told her to come out to my car with a pillowcase when I pulled into the yard. She couldn’t believe I was bringing home a kitten. When I went to put the kitten in the pillowcase I noticed how bony it was. We brought it in and Laura made it some moistened kitten food and it ate. Then it drank a little water and then it went to sleep. First on the back of the couch then in Laura’s lap covered with a blanket. I haven’t checked the sex of the kitten because I want it to get a little more settled in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female. I just hope it lives. We’re being careful not to overdo it on the food with it being so malnourished.....

I truly believe Archie sent this kitten to me. If you look at all of the cat pictures on my MySpace page you’ll see a lot of cats that look like this one. Maine Coon cats were always my favorite but after losing my last one 5 years ago I said the only way I’d get myself another cat would be a rescue. When Laura had wanted a kitten several months back I’d hoped to find a Maine Coon but we both fell in love with Lola. ....

What are the chances that I decided to take that road home at the exact time a kitten that happens to look like my favorite breed crosses the road and then settles in the minute I picked it up. Things like that just don’t happen. Maybe Archie is still watching over me and sent me the one thing that will help me thru this part of my grief....


Dec 24, 2009 A little big cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Joyce. Maybe he was sent for you somehow, we'll never know, but one thing I know for certain is that you did right in turning around and picking him up. This kitten needed your help so badly - and you needed him just as much at this very sad point of your life. What luck you saw him there on the road.
You say you held him 24/7 the first 2 weeks, so he'd know he was loved. I like that, because very young kittens really need the physical contact and getting used to human hands.
Whatever his roots may be, he is a fine kitten - and of course he must have more than one name. A big name like Emri seems quite appropriate for this little big cat. 🙂

Dec 24, 2009 Furby Frankenfur
by: Jan Plant

Furby is a real furball of a cutie! What a great video.I'm sorry for your loss,yet you are right.Furby was sent to ease your loss,and his own lost little soul.God Bless you both and welcome to the neighborhood.Lots of good folks and found abandoned souls here.Ours and theirs! LOL! What a precious boy he is,purebred or not he's a cute little "monster".

Dec 24, 2009 Furby
by: Michael

Well, I think Furby is adorable and well done to you for saving him and loving him. Join the gang. We are the rescuers!

I added your video! As you can see. I hope you don't mind. It is the right one isn't it?

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