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My Lovely Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights Cats from Dunvegan Cattery — 9 Comments

  1. Cute Folds! I have one that resembles your cats! He’s so much fun and SUCH a lover!!! He gets a lot of eye buggies though…do you notice that in your cats?

    • He looks very cute with totally folded ears. Is that the sign of quality? I think it is. I don’t think the eye secretion problems are part of this breed. Not as far as I am aware. Unless it is partly due to the shortened face (rounded head) which shortens the duct which carries the secretions away.

      Thanks for sharing ZACHARY.

  2. Hi Ellina Ksandinova,

    I think I have one of your cats! We live in New York City, and she is so lovely and amazing! We found her through an exotic pet dealer in Brighton Beach. She looks exactly like your cats, and I have never seen another like her! We just adore little Mars!

    love ur cats,

  3. Would love it if anyone producing colorpoints would contact me – I’m wanting a colorpoint kitten, Fold-earred of course… how do we go about this??


    • Where are you? If you are in the USA, I would start by visiting the CFA or TICA websites or Google “breedlist.com” and search on that site. Also try Googling “scottish fold breeders”.

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