My Loving Doodle

My Loving Doodle

by Lynn
(Olympia, WA)

My beautiful boy

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My beautiful boy

I just lost my Maine Coon Cat, Doodle, last night and am absolutely heartbroken. I inherited him from a military family about 6 years ago who couldn't keep him, so I took over his care at about 8 years old. He was the most loving little companion I could have asked for, with his bright green eyes and his beautiful fur (that ended up everywhere no matter how long I brushed him :)) and his loving disposition.

He sat on my lap, or nestled at my feet, and slept next to me on my bed and would help me with computer work by laying full length across my desk and on top of my "mouse". We always had our rituals and I just will never forget how much love he brought into my life. He was a good boy and I miss him so very much.


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My Loving Doodle

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Jul 10, 2009 Thank you for your thoughts on my loss of Doodle
by: Lynn Ledgerwood

Thank you so very much Kathy and Leslie for your lovely comments about the loss of my Doodle. For someone who is single and childless, he like all the wonderful creatures I've shared my life with, have become my family. I was not prepared to take him into the vet for some heavy breathing that I thought he'd get a shot or pill for and to look at the devastation on the vet's face as she showed me his x-rays and that he was actually drowning in his own fluids from what she believed to be advanced stages of cancer. I never in a million years thought I wouldn't be taking Doodle home for many more years of companionship. My only consolation was that I knew his pain was ending and that I was there with him at the end, holding him and whispering to him what a good boy he had been all those years and how much I will miss him.

I do hold onto the hope that I will get to meet all the creatures including Doodle that have meant so much to me in life on the other side, after I too pass. I just don't believe Heaven could be Heaven without ALL our family members, two and four legged and other, there waiting for us.

I am sorry for the losses you both have suffered with Lieutenant and 8 Ball (and for your son, Kathy). I am always heartened to know that there are so many wonderful people in the world who can love not only about humans but also the very creatures that become so important to us.

Leslie, I do believe I will be able to handle giving a home to a rescue or shelter cat in the future. I find that I have lots of love to give and even though Doodle's place can never be taken, I know that there is room enough for new companions in my life.

Thank you both again for your thoughts and kindness.

Jul 10, 2009 pet loss
by: kathy

I also know what that pain feels like. i believe we sometimes become closer to our pets because they so totally depend on us for everything. last february i was with my sons cat when she past away it was so heartbreaking she had been with us for 16 years she tried to hold on until he came home but she died about ten minuted before he came in he is 24 but he cried his heart out he spent two days locked up in his room morning his pet it took a while but he adopted a kitten that had been abandoned in a wal mart lot he can never take 8 balls place but he helps her picture is on our wall with a saying about meeting again she was cremated and we have her ashes i sometimes feel her spitit among us the only solution is not to ever let your cat out side i know thats hard but i always think about them not coming back K

Jul 09, 2009 So sorry
by: Leslie Bell

Dear Lynn,

Your story is heartbreaking. Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your lovely cat, Doodle. He was lucky to have had such a loving human mom for six years, just as you were lucky to have shared your life with such a wonderful little friend.

I believe that we will see all of our loved ones when we pass over into the next life, including our beloved animal companions. An Episcopal priest of my acquaintance believes likewise, and he is one of the most brilliant, highly-educated people I've ever met: when it comes to God, Heaven, faith, and all things spiritual, he knows his stuff, not based only on his impressive educational credentials, but from what he believes in his heart.

That helps me to feel that this is not just wishful thinking on my part.

And I believe that Doodle is waiting for you, just as my precious Lieutenant, my black kitty who died over 2 years ago, is waiting for me.

In the meantime, if you feel you can handle it someday, perhaps you can find another cat to bring you companionship and joy. There are so many cats in desparate need of homes. I bet there's one ... or will be one ... who'd love to have a forever home with you.

God bless.

Jul 09, 2009 Thank you Michael!
by: Lynn

Thank you Michael for your kind words. It never ceases to amaze me how these wonderful creatures manage to gently ease their way into our hearts and live so very quietly and completely. I have memories all around me of my Doodle, and I know it will take some time for the sorrow to ease. Thanks for this great site where people can share their joy and grief.

Jul 09, 2009 Nothing I can say will help
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Although nothing I can say will help, I have felt the pain of the loss of a companion cat with whom I had formed a very loving relationship. She died 15 years ago and your story revived memories. I still think of her with joy and sadness. I wish you the best and thank you for sharing.

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