by Kathy White
(Ingleside, Illinois, USA)

Saturday night I was injured at the horse stable I ride at. The horse I ride bolted out of the stall and knocked me clear across the barn aisle and I landed flat on my back and head.

He clipped my leg with his hoof and my leg was very swollen. I looked up and saw a flash of white feathers as the horses hooves passed over my head.

This I came to realize was my Guardian Angel covering me with her wing to protect me from the horses hooves which I saw pass over my body and head. The next day I was very ill with a massive headache and vomiting almost every 45 minutes.

I want everyone to know that my cat Lia did not leave my side for a minute except to go to the bathroom. I was thrashing around because I couldn’t get comfortable in my bed, he would just reposition himself somewhere else next to me so he was always touching me somehow.

The first night he found room on my pillow above my head. He was always positioned somewhere next to me all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. When I got up Tuesday to take a bath he laid right on the rug next to the bathtub. He has never done that before. Finally on Wednesday when I was able to get out of the bed he was so happy he jumped up in his little donut bed and slept all day.

The poor thing had not had any sleep because of my uncomfortableness. Even my boyfriend commented on how he never left my side. When I would get up for anything he was right next to my ankle following me wherever I tried to go. For him to stay in the bathroom with me while I was bathing or trying to bath, was something he has never done ever. He hates the bathtub. But he never lets me in the bathroom without him. NOT EVER unless its to shower or bath. Thanks to him I was never alone.

My boyfriend had to leave and Lia never even got up. When he came back in he never even got up to go to the door. This is unconditional love for me from him. He was so worried about me he didn’t even eat except out of the dish I put for him right next to the bed. I love that cat more than almost anything. He is a true member of our family.

My son even bought him a Christmas present and refers to him as his little brother. He knew something was wrong with me. When I came back from the emergency room on Sunday night he was right there waiting for me and he got right back into bed with me. I’m getting better now and things are starting to get back to normal. You can just see the relief on his face. I talk to him just like he is a person and he listens to every word. I am so grateful to God that I got him back. He just is so in my heart after how he stayed right by me. He was amazing. If he could have waited on me I’m sure he could.

I’m sorry he had to go through what he did after my husband leaving. His nine lives are probably all used up but he’ll be spending his last one with me because I’m not letting him go ever again. He truly is an amazing cat. I will be having my son post his picture as soon as possible, Thank you to all my friends at POC, I love you all!!!! However it won’t be long before I’M BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN!!!!

Update: Picture of Lia

Lia, me, and Arora
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Lia, me, and Arora

I recently posted a story about how my cat Lia, a Bengal mix, stayed right by my side after I was injured in an accident by a horse. I was bedridden with a concussion and pain and a massive headache. My loyal cat never left my side. My son ,who has his own computer, has graciously agreed to help me post Lia’s picture. He is so happy that I’m better. After 4 days of me laying in the bed he crawled up into our little cat donut bed and slept all day.

The poor thing had not slept until he was sure I would be O.K. . He is my most loyal companion and I will never forget how diligent he was by staying by my side. The other cat in the picture is his little sister Arora and the lady of course is me.

Sorry its not the greatest picture since I don’t have the greatest camera and I’m also still recuperating from the accident. I want to thank all my friends at POC for their concern. Lia is the greatest cat, don’t forget he also tried to warn us of the earthquake that morning. So here we are finally and again thank you all for your concern and all the stories you share.

I love POC even though I don’t always get to comment as much as I like because the computers at the library have been going wacky since they did some remodeling. I hope you enjoy seeing us finally.



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May 16, 2010 Get well
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Kathy. I too noticed your story about your remarkably loyal guard cat. I’m happy to see that you are getting better – and I reckon Lia is too, because you obviously mean a lot to him. It’s a beautiful relationship. 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

May 14, 2010 You have 2 guardian angels
by: Joyce Sammons

I hope you’re doing better. I had a concussion from a major fall in 2004 and it still effects me. I want you to read this story I wrote. People who don’t believe in guardian angels must feel so neglected. Read the story My Guardian Angel Saved My Life Twice. Its at I don’t know what I’d do without my Furby.

My daughter used to have a little dog who knew when she was sick and wouldn’t leave her side. It was so funny because she’d try to ditch school and if the dog was in the kitchen instead of with her we knew she was faking being sick.

May 10, 2010 my progress
by: kathy

I am not released by the doctor yet to return to workso it gives me some time to spend with my brave cat. I just keep thinking how he just stayed by me the whole three days. When I thrashed around he just stood up and patiently waited for me to quiet down and he would just reposition himself. He really is glad Im better. He still sleeps right next to me but he knows Im out of danger. His presense in my life has brought me out of some really rough times the last year. When Im depressed all I have to do is remember how I got him back. I dont know where the rest of my cat family are. Three I know have past on. Our rescued Midnight replaced the old Midnight since her spirit is in her (I beleive). Lia was my first kitten. He was born in my bedroom I dont know how many years ago. He had one brother and two sisters. Im so grateful I got him back at this point in my life. Trust me hes never leaving my side ever again. I love that cat, hes my pride and joy. I was in so much pain, crying, and being sick, I just gathered strength from him and my mother’s picture next to my bed. He is an amazing cat.

May 08, 2010 He loves you so very much
by: Tracey (England)

Your story was lovely. So pleased you’re on the mend, you have a very loyal companion.

My much loved late Benji was the same; very perceptive, knew when I was upset or ill. he was so loyal, I still miss him after 15 months.

Keep loving each other; you have something very special.

Take care.

May 08, 2010 To Kathy
by: Ruth

Kathy I’m sure Lia helped your recovery,cats are wonderful ‘nurses’
He was always at your side sending you good vibes and knew when you were out of danger that he could relax a bit!
He deserves lots of treats bless him.
I hope you are back to full strength soon.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 07, 2010 OMG
by: Michael

This was a terrible fall that could have caused a bad injury it seems. We are pleased that you pulled through.

I think Lia’s behavior is an example of the extremely sensitive nature of cats that give them the gift of detecting things that we cannot.

See: My cat sensed forthcoming Illinois earthquake.

Of course Lia’s genuine concern comes from your close relationship and the love that you have for him. It is reciprocated.

A beautiful story but a tough one too. Thanks for sharing again, Kathy. And good luck for the future. Take care.

Michael Avatar

May 07, 2010 Unconditional Love
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

What a wonderful, heart-warming story. Here is the perfect example of a cat’s unconditional love. Cats have that extraordinary instinct when it comes to the people they love. Your realization of Lia’s love doesn’t go unnoticed by her either. It’s great to hear that you are feeling better. Please keep us updated on your progress as well as the further fascinating adventures of Lia!

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