My Loving Sweet Gizzy

by Linda Slovachek
(Norfolk Va.)

Gizzy was possibly the ugliest kitten I had ever seen. When I first saw her some kids were trying to kill her. She ran up my blue jeans and then my sweater and then tried to hide behind my hair,and boy did she stink. I took her back to show her to my new husband. He said,” get her out of here she is ugly and she stinks”. I told him I could not do that as she’s to ugly no one else will want her.

So I washed her up, and brought her down stairs to feed her. I put some hard food down for Hitops our other cat. Well as soon as Gizzy heard the food hit the bowl she came running and went right between Hitops legs which made his legs go out from under him. And what did I see..Gizzy’s face gobbling up that hard food while Hitops was trying to stand back up.

Gizzy didn’t even weigh 4 oz. Her first shot went straight though her neck. The vet didn’t think she would live. But I told him how Gizzy came to me and she had too much fight to die now. So he tried again, pulled her neck skin back and barely put the needle in and it worked.

Gizzy lived 16 of my 20 years marriage. She never made it passed 5 lbs. And she always looked like a very hairy old toothless old lady. But she was and always be the sweetest most loving cat I have ever been blessed to have in my life. I will take a ugly stray cat any time.

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Sincerly L.S. Slovachek

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My Loving Sweet Gizzy

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Jul 27, 2009 Gizzy
by: Ruth

R.I.P Gizzy
To me there is no such thing as an ugly cat.
I’m so glad Gizzy came to you and no doubt in time another cat with ‘only a face a mother could love’ will turn up on your doorstep!

Jul 27, 2009 Gizzy
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

“Beauty, even in animal pets is in the “eye of the beholder”. Be happy that you had such a wondrous long lived pet in your lifetime.

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