My Maine Coon, Baggins.

My Maine Coon, Baggins.

by Anna
(Jerome, AZ)

About 5 years ago, a boy that I worked with mentioned he had a new kitten. He was living in a boy’s home (a home designed to care for troubled teen boy’s) and he discovered that while he was at work, the other boys in the home would torture his new kitten. He really loved the kitty, but had to find it a safe home. I’d just given up one of my cats and I was curious.

So one day I drove him home from work and asked to meet the kitten. I had no idea what kind of kitty he was, but he was a silver tabby looking cat with piercing green eyes and did he loved to cuddle! I was in love from the moment I held him. I named him Baggins because his front legs seemed squattier than his hind legs and he looked like a little hobbit. I found out when I took him to the vet what kind of kitty he was. Now I am 23 and Bags is about 5. He is an indoor outdoor cat and I LOVE to watch him in his outdoor element. He is SO aware and powerful. And he’s a BIG boy. I knew that MY Maine Coon was amazing, I didn’t realize it’s in his DNA. I LOVE Maine Coons; They’re AWESOME. I would recommend this breed to ANYone looking for a great cat and companion.

Admin:Love your story and love to Bags.

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