My Maine Coon (Booger)

My Maine Coon (Booger)

by Sherie
(Bullhead City, AZ)

Hello, my name is Sherie, and my Maine Coon cat is name Booger. I got him from my sister, who lives in California and who has plenty of wild cats, two moms had kittens, she knew I wanted one, cuz my husband had passed away, so I need a companion, they brought the two litters in the house, when i picked him out, he was two months old.

He is now one year and two months old, orange tabby and male 15 pounds. he is loving, funny and very playful, he is everything that they state that a Maine Coon does, he plays peek-a-boo with me, and is there near me. I take him for walks in a baby carrier, he loves it. He loves dogs and every animal he sees, loves to be on the patio and look and watch the birds.

He loves to go to Petsmart. I don’t have a scanner to put a picture of him, would love for you to see him. Maybe I can get one again, and have my sister put a picture of him on.


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My Maine Coon (Booger)

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Jul 27, 2009 Would love to see a pic of Booger
by: Isabelle B

I am so pleased that you have a companion. Please try to set up a pic of him…especially in the baby carrier!!

Jul 25, 2009 Two things
by: Anonymous

I am so pleased you found a cat companion after your husband passed away. What better companion than a Maine Coon cat.

Secondly, we’d love to see Booger. Maybe a friend can take a photo? Thanks for sharing.

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