My Maine Coon Got Anal Cancer

My Maine Coon Got Anal Cancer

by Louis Sanchez

My story is sad. My Main Coon cat died of cancer in his anal cavity because we tried to paint him for Halloween with special paint that we thought would not hurt him. Anal cancer is hard to detect. Much to our surprise, he became ill and had a hard battle with cancer. We tried chemotherapy, but it ultimately did prevail. We are so guilt ridden that we cannot even look at Main Coons and i am very upset with you people for providing such a terrible reminder of our pain. Anyway, we know it was our stupidity, but you could have some compassion.

If you think that your cat could perhaps have anal cancer look for these symptoms, puss filled sacs, bloody stools, runny stools, swelling in the anal area. We knew something was wrong, but we thought he was having problems with hairballs. Good luck to all.

Admin:I am sorry to hear your story but thank you for it nonetheless. I can feel the upset and pain and I am also sorry if the page on the Maine Coon cat brings it back. Good luck to you too. I changed the title to make it easier for Google to find the page. I hope you’re OK with that.

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My Maine Coon Got Anal Cancer

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May 13, 2011 IDIOT
by: Anonymous

your a fuckin idiot then, you should be done for animal cruelty! why the hell would you paint a cat for haloween?!?!?

Nov 18, 2010 Right, because you people are perfect.
by: Dawn

Good lord. Leave the poor guy alone.
He wasn’t saying he blamed the site, he was just sharing his experience, and it’s not like he was stapling his cat.
People dress their animals (and kids) up all of the time.

People in glass houses. . .

Oct 28, 2010 God Forbid!!
by: Anonymous

It never ceases to amaze me of the rampant stupidity of some people. When you adopt or purchase an animal it is a lifelong commitment to that animal, just like a child.If they would do that to a helpless animal, God only knows how they treat their children. God did not put these lovely creatures on this earth to experiment on!!!

Jun 16, 2010 anal cancer
by: Mr. Sanchez

FYI, I was actually painting my cat’s anus for Halloween to look like a bullseye as sort of a joke for the little kids who came to the door. So, if it’s offensive to you that I was doing this, sorry about your luck. I bought special paint for animals. It wasn’t like it was latex. He wasn’t a wall. I have decided not to paint cats anymore as this paint may have caused a problem. I don’t know for sure, but it was a guess. Thanks for those of you who understand that I loved my cat very much. He was my best friend. I never meant to hurt him and he was not a toy to me. You are rather insensitive to say such a thing. Yes, this website brought back terrible memories, but I don’t blame the site. That would be really stupid.

Mar 22, 2010 Painting a cat for Halloween !!
by: Anonymous

Supid ! Sorry – but that was real stupid..

A cat is to be loved and cared for, with special attention…
for one, they can’t talk & 2nd – since they only have short lives to begin with.. 12-20 yrs. – is very short, especially when you love your cat…& hate to see what happens when their time is near for when they are ready to go when they get sick & old … Why would you do something that would add to anything that would shorten their life or health – especially painting a cat.. horrible… sorry if I offend you, but Big Lesson Learned I hope on your part.

I loved my last cat with all my heart for 17 yrs.. she was such a good little cat.. until she got sick with thyroid problems & kidney & heart problems… but I was there till the end with her – and she loved me too – she died in my arms. She was the best cat ever.

Jan 29, 2010 ?!?
by: Anonymous

why the hell would you paint your cat especially its anus

Nov 13, 2009 Suprised and Confused?
by: Anonymous

Why would you blame a website on your pain of losing your Maine Coon?? They have nothing to do with it and the post was inappropriate and misdirected. You cannot blame others for your loss. It was not like this website set out to attack you personally.
I agree with the others that said that you should use your guilt and educate others on the fact that animals are not toys, and you need to treat them with respect.
Not sure why you would paint your cat but that is another story in itself. Even though I do not have purebred cats I treat both of my cats with the best food and care for their needs. I want to make sure that they have the best life possible and most of all I want them to be happy.
I am sorry for your loss, and I hope that maybe you can educate others on colon cancer in cats. I am not sure if your paint had something to do with it….or even why you would paint near their intimate parts??

Jul 08, 2009 Might not have been cause and effect
by: Leslie

As another person pointed out, it’s possible that there was no connection between the paint and your cat having developed anal cancer. On the other hand, I hope your message was a warning to people that cats are LIVING CREATURES, not decorations to be painted like ceramic figurines. There’s a reason why some animal shelters will not adopt cats out on or near Halloween: some people keep them around as live “props” for Halloween parties, then abandon them the next day. Or do worse things – far worse – that are tied in with the dark “arts.” What you did was incredibly foolish, but I don’t believe you intended to be cruel, and I have a feeling you’ve learned your lesson.

Mar 12, 2009 How is it our fault for feeding your guilt?
by: Anonymous

If you feel guilt ridden, then do not visit websites that display the object of your guilt! There is no one here at fault, and I don not believe that you should ostrecize this website for their job well done on providing information to cat owners. It was not your fault either for what happened to your pet, but why would you paint a cat is my question? There is nothing natural about that whether it was Halloween or not!
Either way, my point is that guilt you are still feeling is not going to be helped by being resentful to everyone else in the world that owns one of these beautiful creatures. Maybe your guilt could be put to better use and let the cat community know about the dangers of that silly “cat paint” and how harmful it can be to animals. Its just a suggestion…

Jan 21, 2009 Not your fault…….
by: Gail

Hi. So sorry to hear about your loss. I also lost a cat to anal cancer but I think nature decides these things and it had nothing to do with what you did. My cat was 17 years plus. Sadly I had just lost his friend 2 months previously at the age of 20 years plus so it was a double blow for me. I missed them both terribly and could not even think of getting another kitty right away. However, about a year later I adopted a rescued cat that was almost put to sleep. She is very different than either of my two babies and I now love her dearly. Hopefully you will be able to do the same also but please do not feel that what you did was the cause of your cat’s illness. I am sure it would have happened anyway. Please give yourself time and then maybe another kitty will become part of your life again. Gail πŸ™‚

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