My Maine Coon is obsessed with water

My Maine Coon is obsessed with water

by Dante
(Chicago, Illinois)

Maine Coon in water  - photo added by Michael (Admin) - photo by navvywavvy (Flickr)

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Maine Coon in water - photo added by Michael (Admin) - photo by navvywavvy (Flickr)

Oliver, my Maine Coon cat, is quickly approaching 6 years old now, and is a wonderful cat. A typical looking Maine Coon, he has orange fur and faint tiger like stripes on his face and back.

Oliver is completely obsessed with water...from the sink, the faucet, any dish or glass containing water, to insisting on jumping into the bottom of the bath tub when the shower is turned on.

He walks around getting wet while licking and playing with the water...I can even pick him up, lather him up with soap and completely bathe him while being completely gentle; he has never bit or scratched while being bathed.


Hi Dante... thanks for sharing. Maine Coons do tend to have a fascination for water. The big question is where this came from.

Some have speculated that it goes back to their origins. Maine Coons are descended from long haired cats that came over with the settlers from Europe in the 1600s or before that with the Vikings.

They came on ships and probably were ships cats for centuries. Ships nearly always had cats in those days to control rodents and protect the food. This closeness to water may have created this affinity with it.

Anyway, it is nice to hear of a genuine case of Maine Coon cat water obsession!

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My Maine Coon is obsessed with water

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Mar 22, 2012 my cat is a water lover too!
by: Kim

My Maine coon, Sammy is obssessed with water. He constantly pushes his water dish around and sticks his paws in it. He loves to watch the toilet flush, and he likes to lay next to the tub when my son is in it. I believe he would probably be okay in the tub!

Dec 21, 2011 Rossie
by: Anonymous

My 36 in long black maine coon doesn't wade into water, but he doesn't mind his head getting wet and always drinks water from cups, bowls, sinks, and bath tubs. He also sleeps in the bathroom all the time. He loves to lay on the wet bathmat after I shower!

Jul 21, 2010 Mine Too!
by: Peaches

I have a maine coon too! And, she is OBSESSED with water also! It's gotten a little better, but she used to almost trip you and make you fall off the stairs, just to run and jump into the tub, under the faucet thinking you went up to give her water! When you were really going the bathroom! WE have a jacuzzi and a stand~up shower, so when you first got into the bathroom she would run into the tub. Then, once she relized you were taking a shower, she poke her head in and drink water that fell close to her! She just started doing this around when we moved... but it's gotten better.

Sorry for this long comment, but its weird that I somehow ran into this! Thanks πŸ™‚

Mar 13, 2010 Water
by: Bob

Ah yes, I know the water obsession all too well. Some of my cats love to play with the water in their fountain, and they even go so far as to jump into the shower when I open the bathroom door and play with the water left in the tub. One even sticks his head uner the flow of water in their fountain, I have no idea why.

Mar 13, 2010 Oliver
by: Tracey (UK)


Oliver is adorable, I just love that face that says 'and? you have a problem with the water thing?'

My Maine Coon Ozzie isn't frightened of water but he doesn't go looking to play in it either.

I've also clicked on the link that took me to his other picture; he really just doesn't care about how wet he gets does he?

My Ozzie is only 17 months, he's the 1st Maine Coon I've had. A couple of times he's got his hairy big back feet a bit messed up in the litter tray so I've had to wash them. He never makes a fuss, he just sits there, I'm certain he knows I'm helping him clean up.

He has that lovely broad face just like your Oliver, I'm so glad we have him and his sidekick Alfie, they get into loads of mischief, they've pretty much wrecked my sofa but I wouldn't have them any other way.

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