My Maine Coon Kitten Tigger

My Maine Coon Kitten Tigger

by Libby Mountfort

thats me and tigger

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thats me and tigger

Well on my way home the day before I found a black cat it followed me home and it ran in and stayed so the next day paula lock came and gave my mum tigger and I was at grandads mum called me and said that I had a kitten she said that I had to name it first I said max she said no then tiger then she said how bout tigger and thats how tigger came to live with me. I love tigger...


Hi Libby.... Thanks for popping by. I like it when young people come by and say something and that is why I have published your short post. If you can say a bit more next it would help as it fills the page a bit better.

Now, are you sure that Tigger is a Maine Coon cat? I am not sure that he is. He is probably a random bred cat, meaning not purebred or registered with the cat associations.

But that doesn't make him any less good a cat. In fact some people would say he is better for not being a purebred cat. Although, the Maine Coon is probably the most admired purebred cat in the world.

If you want to say some more about Tigger, just come back and make a comment using the link below this post.

Thanks for visiting Libby.

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My Maine Coon Kitten Tigger

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Jul 06, 2011 tigger
by: libby

hello again libby here.tigger and mollie the black cat were getting on when tiggers sadly died.
I still greeve in side mis you my good boy who turned out to be a girl when we found out she was pregnant.she died.sorry its shorter then the other,so now you may not here from me again,I love all cats and i hope you all do to!thanks bye bye.

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