My Maine Coon ‘Miles Davis’

By Dave Payne

Miles Davis Maine Coon

‘Miles Davis’ Maine Coon. Photo by Dave Payne

'Miles Davis' Maine Coon when a kitten

‘Miles Davis’ when a kitten

I adopted Miles Davis, Cool Cat, when he was 6 weeks old (he’s now 8).  It’s funny because when I originally adopted him, I asked the lady if he was a short-hair cat because I didn’t really want a huge, furry cat. She said yes, but as the years went by, he got furrier and furrier and bigger and bigger.

It wasn’t actually until a few years ago that a veterinarian said he was a Maine Coon!  But, that explained so much about him.  Miles is fiercely loyal, as I’ve read that Maine Coons are, and he is generally only interested in my attention. He likes playing with water, plays fetch, brings me toys when he wants to play (see below) and when I leave for any extended period of time, he gets very distraught.

Miles is basically my child, and I really can’t imagine how life would be without him.  He’s a constant companion who provides unconditional love and he has truly filled my life with joy.

'Miles Davis" Maine Coon

‘Miles Davis’ Maine Coon. Photo by Dave Payne

Play with me!

I’ll tell you a quick little story about how neat Miles Davis is. When I lived in Atlanta with him, my home was 2 stories. One night, I was watching TV in bed upstairs and I heard a commotion coming up the stairs –a slight ringing and dragging noise and thudding. I was thinking, “Hmm, what’s that.” Well, the answer came quickly because what had happened is Miles grabbed his feather on a stick toy, which also had little bells, and dragged it up the stairs then jumped on the bed with it in his mouth.

He dropped it near my feet and just stared at me –he wanted to play! Nowadays, the practice of bringing that toy over to me has become fairly common, but I always get a kick out of how he just then sits and stares at me waiting –sorta like a dog!

Dave Payne

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My Maine Coon ‘Miles Davis’ — 11 Comments

  1. What a handsome cat Miles is and a real character too by the sound of it, I loved reading about him and seeing his photos.

  2. Cat who like to play and fetch are happy cats – so you must take very good care of him – well done for playing with him. It’s the most important thing you can do for a cat after giving them food!

  3. The first thing that struck me was how handsome he is. Gorgeous cat. And typically Maine Coon. I know a bit about Maine Coons having stayed at Helmi Flick’s home and played with Zak. He loved to play too. He is quite shy but came into my bedroom and jumped on the bed to play. A real privilege.

    Thanks for sharing Dave. We love to see new cats and gorgeous cats and read about them. Their characters are always interesting to me.

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