My Maine Coon Mix Winnie

by Carol Mc Ilree
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Winston Churchhill aka Winnie is a shelter cat with no papers. But we feel he is mostly Maine Coon. He has all the characteristics of a Maine Coon. And he is BIG. Not only is he heavy (21 lbs.), he is long. Never seen a cat with such a long body.

He has the ear tufts, and paw tufts and neck ruff and belly fur of the Maine Coon. His coat is in two layers at least with long hairs on top with soft dense lighter fur underneath. Oh and did I say he is black with the inner fur on the gray side.

Surprisingly with this coat, he does not shed as much as most cats. While he is a love bucket with his family, he will fiercely defend his home. He has “backed off” more than a few people standing defiantly, hissing a big smile that is not friendly at all, lol. I tell them he is saying Hiiiiiii.

Winnie will do anything for his cat treats. In fact I have to lock them up or he will find them and eventually open them up and gorge himself on them.

He lives with me and my daughter and just tolerates her calico cat, who is exceptionally small, but mighty enough to give him the business when he deserves it. Never a dull moment except for the 14 hours a day they sleep.

Hi Carol: Nice story. Fine cat. I changed the title to My Maine Coon Mix Winnie to help Google find the page more easily and to make Winnie more famous. Maine Coon Mix is a fairly well used phrase that people search for. I hope that you are OK with that…Michael

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My Maine Coon Mix Winnie

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Dec 10, 2009 Is a Seven Month Old Cat Weighing 12 lbs Normal?
by: Dan

Is a Seven Month Old Cat Weighing 12 lbs Normal?

Maine coon.
born 4/20/2009
12.3 lbs
I want to see if he can be a show cat. most beautiful thing you will ever see.

Probably yes as Maine Coons are substantially bigger than the average domestic cat. One was named the Guinness World Record longest domestic cat at 4 feet.

They are the Cat Fanciers Associations biggest registered cat by my reckoning.

Please show us your cat by sending me a photo to:

mjbmeister [at] (change [at] with @

Oct 15, 2009 mane coon mix
by: Bernadette

We have a Maine Coon mix named Whazup and he is last count 20 lbs and 14 1/2 inches tall sitting.

He can open the freezer for ice so we had to child proof the freezer. He had a buddy named Matamoocher and he is also Maine Coon mixed but not even close to Whazup’s size.

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