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My Maine Coon Occasionally Sneezes Blood — 2 Comments

  1. I have a 12 yr old maine coon. He has had bloody snot for almost a year. We have exhausted all options. Now we face a rhinoscopy and cat scan… For $2200. With no real promise of a cure. That’s just to find out what it is. He gurhlrs when he breathes but is ok otherwise. Any thoughts?

    • Thank you for commenting and asking and I am sorry to hear your story.

      I am going to walk through a very comprehensive and respected book on cat health looking for an answer to your question. I am not a qualified veterinarian and am simply passing on information to you. I am sure that you have researched this on the internet where you’ll find some more potential causes such as dental issues and allergies.

      Nasal Tumors

      Benign and malignant growth may arise in the nasal cavity and sinuses usually on one side. Early signs are sneezing and sniffling followed by obstructed breathing. Bleeding can occur through the effective nostril.

      This may be a cause. Do you see any slight distortions in your cat’s face such as a bulge?

      Nasal Infections

      The deep involvement of a bacterial infection in the nasal cavity can cause ulceration of the nasal membrane leading to a bloody discharge.

      Foreign Body in the Nose

      I think this is less likely. Foreign objects in a nose for a long time can lead to bacterial infection and a purulent discharge. Bearing in mind the above comment it may also lead to a bloody discharge in my view.

      I think that these are the most likely reasons and your veterinarian may well have discussed them already. In fact he may well have discussed these and many more options over the year that you have been dealing with this.

      My gut feeling as a layperson and being unqualified is that it is most likely to be caused by some sort of tumor and if I am correct I am sorry.

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