My Man The Coon

My Man The Coon

by Sandra
(Ottawa Ontario Canada)

My boy came from a rescue from a bowling alley. It’s March break 3 years ago, my daughter then found this small but large cat that had been left between doors at the bowling alley.

Daughter liked him so much, pleaded with me, to come and get her. The rest is history. The daughter dropped the cat on my lap and daughter and friends disappeared. Put him in my winter coat and next thing I know, I’m at the pet store buying emergency food for the cat.

The week-end came by and we bought the cat a cat house. He’s a Main Coon, very long, but I swear I think the tail is longer. He’s a good 22 lbs and loves to chase birds, and he eats them also.

He’s my cat now, he can’t wait until I get home, then chases me inside the house to his bowl.

He’s white long hair with black markings, loves his ears with that extra hair it’s whimzical. He’s a happy cat, and loves to chase.


Hi Sandra… Thanks for visiting and sharing and rescuing…

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