My Mizjwea and Trouble Were Mixed Maine Coon Cats

My Mizjwea and Trouble Were Mixed Maine Coon Cats

I know that my Mizjwea and Trouble were mixed Maine Coon cats, but they sure did look just like particolored with white MCs!

They’re personality and physical traits were just like described as Maine Coons. Especially my Miz.

She was very long with the most fluff on a kitty tail that I’ve ever seen. They both had the broader faces with the points on the ears and the fluff between the toes.

I’d love to get a purebred Maine Coon, but I know my husband doesn’t want any more animals…

Sadly, they’re no longer with me. My Miz weighed in at around 10lbs at 4yrs old and my Trouble weighed in at a whopping 13lbs at 4yrs old.

My Trouble was shorter in length, but weighed more. She was thick and muscular… Built more like a male. They wouldn’t leave each others sides. So not only were they loyal to us, they were loyal to each other.

It’s believed that their father was a MC barn cat. There were a total of 4 in the litter and it was two males and two females.

Unfortunately, one of the two males ran off, never to be seen again. He was black and white. The other male was tan and white, but the “owner” didn’t take the proper care and he died of an infection shortly after he had gotten taken home.

Just wanted to share my reasons for the love of MC’s!


My Mizjwea and Trouble Were Mixed Maine Coon Cats to Maine Coon Cats

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