My mom throws domesticated cats outside whenever she gets sick of them

There is an interesting post on by the child of a woman who, by the description of her behavior, matches the sort of character who is the cause of the feral cat problem in the United States. We all know it. There is a minority of individuals who behave like this and they cause untold misery, illness and premature and unnatural death in millions of feral cats. There are many great volunteers who pick up the pieces by caring for feral cats. These are the good guys. The woman described below is the baddie.

The daugher or son asks what can be done. My decision is that the woman must be made to face the consquences of her actions. She has to be told and it will be painful no matter how polite and sensitive one is in the process. Sadly, she needs to be educated and if that fails punished, but punishment is unlikely because her behavior is on the fringes of animal abuse under animal welfare law and these laws are often poorly enforced. I’d find out where the cats are coming from and do my best to stop the supply. This woman should not be allowed to own cats.

Cat abandonment
Cat abandonment. Image: Background added by PoC.
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The post on Reddit:

This has been going on for so many years that I’ve lost count. My mom constantly goes through this disturbing cycle. She gets a cat and doesnt get it fixed. Cat gets pregnant. She keeps them instead of giving them away. They grow up and reproduce. Then there ends up being 7 to 15 cats in one house with only 4 litter boxes.The cats start going crazy and get into trouble.After that, It becomes too much for my mom to handle. When she’s finally had enough, she just throws them outside.

She made up this lie and, goes around telling the whole neighborhood that people just drop them off at her house. It really makes me sick. My mom only tends to like kittens before they start getting mischievous. Just because, they knock a tiny knick knack off the table, she threatens to toss them outside. I mean, who does that?

Although, I’m not exactly surprised because, she’s also an awful parent as well. I was abused by this woman for so many years. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place here. The SPCA knows about 30 cats roaming around the neighborhood but, they do absolutely nothing about it.

I’m afraid to call the authorities all bevause of two things. 1. If my mom finds out that I reported her, I would surely get in some deep trouble. 2. I’m afraid that my mom will be very convincing with her lies that the whole situation will be forgotten.

I hate seeing these animals suffer because of a neglective pet owner. Seeing them outside during winter just breaks my heart but, what can I do? The SPCA doesnt even seem to care whatsoever and saving animals is their job.

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