My Munchkin Cat

My Munchkin Cat

by Fendi

My Munchkin Cat

My Munchkin Cat

Just wanna say, this breed is so interesting. Thanks God I found this breed as a pet...

Updated post...the following added next day

Yes. I'm here in Johore, Malaysia. I have read lots of articles before and after getting this breed. First of all, I got a traditional Persian as a pet. But then, I bought this Munchkin breed.

My Munchkin gueen here in this picture name is Suci, which means, 'hygiene' in English...hehehe. This is because she is so clean with a light brown colour, since birth.

The father's name is Mocha (he is a standard Munchkin) and her mother's name is Julia (domestic longhair).

One of her offspring has longhair because his father is a traditional Persian and his mother is carrier of longhair.

Here is another photograph of her:

Munchkin cat Suci

Here is a photo of me and my Munchkin:

Munchkin cat and its owner Fendi
Happy moment!!

See my next post on her feeding her young: My female Munchkin cat nursing her offspring


Hi Fendi... I had to publish your extremely short post (no criticism - thanks for visiting and sharing), because the photo is really nice. Update: the post got longer...

It is rare to see a photo of a Munchkin cat from a cat owner (keeper). I like it. Munchkins, I guess are pretty rare cats. Although on my assessment on the rare cat breeds the Munchkin is middle of the range on rareness.

Thanks for visiting. It is nice to hear from Malaysia.

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My Munchkin Cat to Munchkin Cat

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My Munchkin Cat

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Sep 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

kat mana nak beli kucing munchkin ni...saya berminat sangat.....


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