My Munchkin Experience

My Munchkin Experience

by Nicole

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My parents first introduced me to Munchkins when they saw a story on Inside Edition. We are a huge cat family, so we thought they were too precious. I'm a fairly short person (about 5'0 or 5'1), so I was naturally attracted to a small cat, like a Munchkin.

I had been searching everywhere for a black and white long hair tuxedo munchkin, because I wanted a cat that looked like my first cat, Sylvester. I started my first job with a basketball team shortly before my 23rd birthday. With my first paycheck and birthday money, I purchased Horry from a breeder in Arkansas. She was perfect.

At first, my dad was upset with my decision to buy a Munchkin. We had never paid for any of our cats, so he was not happy that I had shelled out so much for Horry. Plus, he was worried about potential health problems. Needless to say, it look less than 30 seconds for him to fall in love with her. Now, he's looking for a Munchkin of his own!

I have had such a great time with Horry. She's the cutest, sweetest little thing ever. And, boy, is she smart!! She comes when I call her name (something most cats don't do). She knows how to open the can of treats. She knows how to tell between a can of treats and a can of something else (i.e. Crystal Light). You can see her facial expression change when she's planning her next move.

She has been worth every penny and more. I couldn't have asked for a better companion!


Hi Nicole...I for one think that Horry is adorable. Nice photograph too. Thanks a lot for sharing and showing us your little Munchkin.

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My Munchkin Experience to Munchkin Cat

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