My Mutt Cat With White Feet and Belly Flap

My Mutt Cat With White Feet and Belly Flap

At the moment I have been looking for what kind of cat my dear mutt is. I got her at a pet adoption fair and the woman from the shelter told me she was her last cat for the day and that she had been dropped off at the shelter.

I loved her! She was a misty gray with Snowshoe markings. Recently I have become obsessed with finding her origins (it doesn’t mean that much to me, but still). We know she isn’t a pure breed, but where did she get her coat, eyes, shape?

Well, she has this weird belly flap that we all assumed was fat (we often refer to her a “tubby”) but it really bothered me when my sister joked about my cat being so fat. Yes she was a little overweight, but that weird flap had always been there and she didn’t look very overweight. While looking for possibilities on this website (by the way it has been very helpful) I came across the Egyptian Mau which I later decided it wasn’t anything like, Orion, my cat.

But then on Cats 101 the Mau was being featured, I was ready to turn the TV off, but then a mans voice said, “This cat can be recognized by its flap of skin on its legs, which made it run faster.”

I jumped out of bed and re-bookmarked this sight on my computer. Now today I just read this article and decided that my cat definitely has a little bit of Egyptian in her. So far she has gotten her white feet and chest from the Snowshoe, and her speed and belly flap from the Egyptian Mau. What Next!!!!!!!!!

Egyptian Mau Belly Flap

Cat Primordial Pouch Abdominal Fold or Belly Flap

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Hi..if you have a photo or can take one that would be great. Just email it to me:

mjbmeister at

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The belly flap is known to be on the Egyptian Mau but can be found on other cats. Your cat may have the same gene that produces this flap as does the Egyptian Mau.

My Mutt Cat With White Feet and Belly Flap to Egyptian Mau

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My Mutt Cat With White Feet and Belly Flap

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Jan 12, 2010
ya photo be nice
by: alf

hi my grandfather hat a big grey cat got it in russia in ww1 as it was i persiancat with long coat of hair’

Dec 31, 2009
A grey tuxedo
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi. The belly flap is seen with very many cats in varying degrees, and there doesn’t have to be a single drop of Egyptian Mau in your Orion for her to have one too.
Snowshoes and white chest with black cats is called a tuxedo pattern, and since the grey colour is actually a thinned black, I think we can safely call her a tuxedo too.
This pattern is found in many different breeds and actually does not tell anything about her origin. How the Tuxedo pattern develops is quite an interesting story and Michael has written about it in the Cat Coats section.
I understand your interest in knowing more about the roots of your cat, but the two characteristics you mention are found within many breeds. Anyway, I too would love to see a picture of Orion anyway. 😉

Dec 29, 2009
Egyptian Mau or moggie
by: Jan Plant

Most of my ferals have some of the same markings,but I know they come from different litters.I saw on Animal Planet cats 101 the same reference to the belly flap.One of our toms has a similar flap,but I believe he hides mice in his,as he always seems to have one.LOL! Thanks for sharing,can’t wait to see a photo!

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