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  1. I’m so glad that Sealy is blessed to have such a loving, devoted mommy, who takes the time to share his incredible journey with all of us cat lovers. The important point of this story starts at the beginning, which is a warning that a cat may be under the hood, trying to keep warm, when we start our car. The tip is simple: knock on the hood before getting in the car. This could be a habit that could save a cat’s life.

  2. Hi, Sealy!
    You look my Monty, except that he has both his ears. You eat like him too, from what your mom has told me. Monty is a little bit slow sometimes too– or maybe he is just stubborn. He is convinced cats can climb down trees head first. Cats’ claws don’t work that way. Sometimes I’m scared he’ll get hurt. I don’t like how he jumps from such high trees, so now I come by his favorite tree and bend over so he can jump onto my back and then onto the ground. Two liitle jumps are better than one high jump, I think– but I probably have paw prints on my back all the time!
    I’m glad you found a loving home, Sealy! You deserve to be happy and well fed for the rest of your life!

  3. Yay Sealy, you are the best. I liked your facebook page ages ago and check in sometimes. I’m so glad you are a happy and healthy boy now. I wish the pictures were a little bigger so I could see you better but they are great anyways. Well done Elisa and Sealy and best wishes 🙂

    • My pictures are bigger on my Facebook page and also on my page at http://www.furbyshouse.com. Mommy a little behind updating that page but she’s trying. She’s an antique, you know. Kinda slow some days.

      She just loves doing the scrapbook software pages. I have to keep her entertained or she drives me crazy trying to make my picture every time I turn around.

  4. that is a beautiful story. full of sadness and full of hope! God bless your mommie for taking such good care of you…and CAGES are NOT BAD!!!!! they are useful tools that owners and Vets use to help heal and protect the little ones we love. the people that say different don’t know what they are talking about and until they have an animal in a life or death situation….they need to keep from nasty comments!!!! a cage is not a prison but a useful ‘safe place’ where an animal can be kept safe and can feel safe until the time when they are healed. people that criticize are ignorant and foolish.

    • I agree with you about cages. However, cages in shelters that are bare and where a cat might stay for a long time are not good places. In Sealy’s case the cage was a refuge and a safe place because he was ill and vulnerable. But a fit cat should not spend long periods in a small cage. It is obviously unnatural. There is no stimulation and the domestic cats have natural home ranges of several acres and much more sometimes. A small cage cannot satisfy a cat’s natural urges, drives and emotions. Breeders keep breeding cats in cages. These are sometimes quite large, say 20 feet by 12 feet but that is still a very small home (space) for domestic cat.

  5. Sealy, thank you for telling your story – you truly are a miracle kitty! I’m glad you’re doing so well. And don’t worry about the drooling – we all drool from time to time!

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