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My Neighbor’s Cats Are A Nuisance — 12 Comments

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  2. I have the same cat problem. Neighbor has 6 or more cats who live in my yard. They use it for a toilet and they have caught mice and carried them to my house. I work and they spend their day pooping all over the place and then the neighbor leans on the fence at the bottom of my yard and calls them home. Why do people have cats just to feed them and throw them out to irritate the neighbors?

    • I love cats but your neighbor is being irresponsible if he can’t respect neighbors and manage his cats in a way which avoids neighbor conflicts. Not everyone likes cats and cat owners should respect that and take heed. Good luck with this tricky problem.

  3. I understand completely my neighbor also routinely feeds the feral/stray cats. While I think it is admirable to help an animal in need, she has taken it to extremes. She currently stands at over forty animals. The females routinely use the underside of my house as a nursery. We’ve have pulled no less than a dozen batches of kittens from under our house, some not living. I have personally adopted two of them after their mother was eaten by raccoons, also under my house. I also lost a pair of prized rabbits due to coyotes drawn in by a ready food supply. I have had to rip out my garden because they contaminated it, my pond because even pouring vinegar in it after they ate the koi didn’t help and throw away a swimming pool because they popped the upper ring. I have tried calling animal control not only because they are a nuisance but because I was concerned that not a single one of them has had any kind of medical care. With wild animals around that puts them and my own animals at risk for rabies. Animal control basically said they can’t do anything so my next stop is the courthouse because talking to her isn’t working either. It does really bother me having to take this route because ultimately its the animals that will bear the most harm.

    • Thank you for commenting Jenna. Although I am a cat lover and a cat advocate, I completely understand your thoughts and where you are coming from. I am one of those cat lovers who believes that we should be respectful of our neighbours desires and wishes. We can’t just say that our cat needs to behave naturally and go outside et cetera without considering the consequences. We have to take into account how that affects other people. If your neighbour is harbouring very many cats who are not neutered or spayed then she’s behaving irresponsibly. It is sad that you are acting alone and cannot get support. Is a great shame that you have to force this person to act responsibly. And as you say, the greatest victims in all of this are the cats. You of course are also a victim. I believe that this person gives cat lovers a bad name. They project the image of the crazy cat lady which is incorrect because 99% of cat lovers are responsible decent minded caring people.

  4. I feel for the people that have to go thru this. I have a dog, 2 cats and a rabbit. They all live indoors. My neighbor aka the crazy cat lady has numerous, (approx. 25 cats) that perfume my porch, interiors of my vehicles, and the insides my work shops. They defecate everywhere including ON the porch furniture. Having any kind of food garden is not possible. People who live in the city that do this to their neighbors need help period. As one poster says “it is the people”… 101% correct. I feel sorry for the animals, and the people who have to live next to a nuisance such as this. It disgusts me people of any sort can make up excuses for any such conduct towards any animal, including their neighbors. Would you feed your kids outdoors and leave them in the yard 24/7 with no refuge? Expect your neighbors to deal with your childrens cleanup? care? Well being? Damages? Think not. Animal control here has been a big help along with Animal rescue Carolina in finding homes for some of these cats. The cat P$$ don’t smell good, the feces ain’t any better. Seeing dead kittens mangled with fire ants on them surely is heartbreaking. The thing that smells worse than any expletive I can think of are these self centered mentally Ill people who subject any animals, or their neighbors to conditions such as these to fill their own personal void. Shame on them… their time will come.

  5. I have a precious kitty and live on a large corner lot that I have made into a lovely flower garden, My neighbor however has 26, yes, 26 cats, some she keeps inside, but the rest are a mix of strays and her “outside” cats,she has huge bowls of food constantly out, which of course attracts Racoons and other wildlife, the cats love to use my nice loose soil as their litter box, and I can tell you it STINKS,Plus they worry my own cat, I have tried to nicely ask if she will contain her cats as I’m tired of cleaning up after them, MORE than once,but it falls on deaf ears, I’ve thought of getting a trap, but as mentioned, it’s not the cats fault and she would only bring them back from the shelter anyway.I’ve tried repellants and chasing them like some lunatic, all to no avail. Now this past few weeks with the warmer weather I have my doors open, two of them come into the house, I’m beside myself, PLEASE,

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