My neighbour’s moggy jumped into my yard freaking my dogs

My neighbour’s moggy jumped into my yard freaking my dogs

by Daian Medrea
(Geraldton w.a)

Well im gonna start with i never liked cats anyway. This afternoon the neighbour’s moggy jumped into my yard freaking my dogs. As i tried to prevent my dogs from killing the cat it turned on me and gave me some really nice scratches.

Thanks kitty, i would really like a dose of toxioplasmosis maybe a new strain of septicemia this weekend.

If my dog did that i would be faced with quite a circus authority and media the whole gang.

Should this vermin be free to wander my yard and do as it pleases while its owner cops out to’but its a cat……what can i do about it?’. Well, maybe she can’t do anything about it. However i can.


Hi Daian..The problem is your neighbour. The cat is acting normally and naturally. As a result the cat should not be hurt. That would be the easy, wrong and cheap way out of the problem and only temporarily. It would be morally wrong. But I accept and understand your anger. Irresponsible cat keepers can be a pain in the backside. Unfortunately we are all human.

I would talk to her politely but firmly and try and find a sensible solution. Her cat would seem to be in danger coming into your yard. If she doesn’t care about that she doesn’t care about her cat and shouldn’t have one. If she is not sensible you have a problem and so does her cat. But please direct your anger at the right animal (the human). Cats are not vermin by the way as you know.

If you got scratched; that, I regret to say, is your fault. You can deal with cats without getting scratched. It is about technique.

As to toxoplasmosis you can’t get that from a scratch and it is rare. Most often is is caused by undercooked meat.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts by the way. It is appreciated.

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My neighbour’s moggy jumped into my yard freaking my dogs to Cats and the law

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My neighbour’s moggy jumped into my yard freaking my dogs

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Mar 21, 2010
by: Michael

Hi Daian, Here is a page that might help:

Cat repellent

Do things the right way please.

Mar 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have 2 kitty’s. Both are indoor/outdoor cats, I am a brit living in America with an American husband, we both love our cats and, whilst they come and go we always make sure they are in at night. They are both spayed. There is nothing wrong with letting them outdoors so, if you treat and love em right you will have no problem keeping them close to home.

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