My New Cat Koal

By Darlene Burrow

Dear friends – Even though Milo passed away on March 31st 2014, I am not complete without a cat in my life. A cat completes me completely. Milo is and always will remain forever loved.

Even though I can never replace her, I welcomed a new family member into my home. I had seen an advert in the newspaper that my boyfriend had shown to me and I became very excited about this amazing ad.

We went to the place and saw tons of kittens roaming indoors and outdoors. When I first walked in I smelled the awful scents of cat pee and poop. The place was filled with cat poop on the floor and litter boxes heaped up that hadn’t been changed for a long time.

I felt so sorry for all these kittens. The place was filthy messy and I am happy I was able to at least rescue one kitten from that place. The kitten that I rescued is only a couple months old. He is very energized and playful. He is black with white on his chest and white on his under belly and a bit of ruby red in some places but hard to see in pictures and he has green eyes.

He has a lot of love to give when I brought him home he hid for a couple of days. He was so scared and missed his brothers and sisters too but after those couple of days he slowly warmed up to me. I play with him every day and I love the moments when he lays on my lap and falls asleep, that is just so precious to me.

I named him Koal because of his coloring. He is so spoiled already. He has his own personal rocking chair with nice blankets covering it and he sprawls out and sleeps there and is sometimes is a playful on it.


Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Koal was an indoor and outdoor cat which I had to tame him down because he is still pretty wild. He loves to run through the whole mobile home from the bedroom and through the entire place. He does this every day and many times in fact. His nickname is “Dash and Flash” because he runs through the place so fast.

At least God has given me back my laughter along with tears of joy and smiles every day to make me happy again. Thank you Koal and God, amen.

I will be taking koal in to get his first dose of shots soon and see when koal can get fixed too. I will not declaw him. I am against that because its wrong for a cat to get declawed. I do love Koal a lot. He has a big personality. I have taken many pictures already of him. He warms my heart and touches my heart.

He looks at me many times and it truly melts my heart. Koal also loves to sit on top of a chair and look out the window and seek the birds!! Koal is such a lover and such a caring heart at night when I get into bed Koal comes in and lay right next to my feet. If I move them Koal playful pounces on my feet each time I move them he thinks its a game. I love those moments too.


Koal also loves to purr all the time and when he purrs he purrs very loudly. I never heard a kitten purr so loud as Koal does and he also loves to get treats when I wake up each morning and enter the living room and I sit down in my recliner Koal comes a running to me and jumps up on my lap and waits for me to give him a treat. I think this is so sweet that he does this.

Koal also thinks computers are neat because one day my boyfriend was in a recliner and he was watching some video on the Internet and Koal sat on his lap and cocked his head this way and that way and looks at the computer and he even pawed at it a few times too.

Koal did the same to me but I was playing a game on Facebook and the noise caught Koal’s attention which is what catches his interest.

I am happy and Koal is happy and my boyfriend Randy to is happy that I am happy that I have gotten a new kitten to love and care for too. I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with another family member. I welcomed home Koal


I hope you all enjoy this and feel the joy that I feel inside too.

21 thoughts on “My New Cat Koal”

  1. Darlene Im so pleased to hear you have a new love in your life I know how you loved Milo but this isn’t replacing her its offering the gap that she left in your heart to a very deserving little man and I think she would be pleased?

    So glad that this little one has bought so much happiness into yours and Randys lives and I think he keeps looking and you because he can’t believe his luck its sheer wonderment you see in those Green eyes 🙂

  2. Koal is beautiful and I’m glad you rescued him from that horrible place.
    I hope someone has reported the conditions those cats and kittens are living in, they sound very bad cat caretakers, no animal should be living in filth.

    • thank you for your happiness for me on getting another kitten to love and care for yes i wanted to report the living contions the cats and kittens are living in but my boyfriend even said she should be reported but he doesn’t want me to report her he said that family of hers should report her what do you think i should do seriously ?

      • Can you report it anonymously as we can here to the RSPCA? They do ask us for a name and say it will be confidential but you don’t have to give your name, they can’t force you and still have to investigate.
        Just thinking about all the cat hoarding horrors lately and hoping those cats don’t end up ill or dead.

  3. “Koal” is a nice black kitten. I had lost my first cat, twelve year old “Trixie” in 2007 .A week later my 84 year old father expired and my house became a “Ghost house” and hence i purchased a traditional Persian cat “Matahari” a few weeks after my cat and later dad’s demise.Today in 2014 “Matahari” is 7 years old and her kitten “Matata” is 5 years old and both along with my house care-taker keep my house lively.Darlene i understand what you must have gone through emotionally on the loss of your pet cat “Milo” as i have undergone a similar situation in my own life.In the month of March 2014 i lost my longest lived pet, 22 year old Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo”.His death shattered me the most after the death of my parents and i am still recovering from the same.Trajedy of pets is that they have a short life-span compared to us humans and hence during a average lifetime we will own masny pets, finally all of them being memories of good and bad times cherished.

    • ello rudolph that is such a sad story you told me i am so sorry for all your loss but i am happy you gained some of your happiness back into your life by getting another cat to love and cherish thank you for understanding on behalf of what i am going through from the loss of milo milo fought and struggled to her last breath of life until god carried her into his arms and entered into the kingdom of heaven it was very very heart breaking to see this happening and you know exactly what it feels like to lose a best friend /pet if you ever need to talk about your loss of your pets please e-mail me at take care and god bless

  4. Its great your got a new Kitty. Is he a Black Cat or Grey. Is he a Russian Blue? He looks beautiful. I’m so Happy you got a Cat to share your life with. Great to hear that he wont be declawed good on you. His ears look alot like Jasmine. I bet hes full of energy like Jasmin. Its nice you got someone to share your life with as well.


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