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My New Cat Koal — 21 Comments

  1. Darlene Im so pleased to hear you have a new love in your life I know how you loved Milo but this isn’t replacing her its offering the gap that she left in your heart to a very deserving little man and I think she would be pleased?

    So glad that this little one has bought so much happiness into yours and Randys lives and I think he keeps looking and you because he can’t believe his luck its sheer wonderment you see in those Green eyes 🙂

  2. Koal is beautiful and I’m glad you rescued him from that horrible place.
    I hope someone has reported the conditions those cats and kittens are living in, they sound very bad cat caretakers, no animal should be living in filth.

    • thank you for your happiness for me on getting another kitten to love and care for yes i wanted to report the living contions the cats and kittens are living in but my boyfriend even said she should be reported but he doesn’t want me to report her he said that family of hers should report her what do you think i should do seriously ?

      • Can you report it anonymously as we can here to the RSPCA? They do ask us for a name and say it will be confidential but you don’t have to give your name, they can’t force you and still have to investigate.
        Just thinking about all the cat hoarding horrors lately and hoping those cats don’t end up ill or dead.

  3. “Koal” is a nice black kitten. I had lost my first cat, twelve year old “Trixie” in 2007 .A week later my 84 year old father expired and my house became a “Ghost house” and hence i purchased a traditional Persian cat “Matahari” a few weeks after my cat and later dad’s demise.Today in 2014 “Matahari” is 7 years old and her kitten “Matata” is 5 years old and both along with my house care-taker keep my house lively.Darlene i understand what you must have gone through emotionally on the loss of your pet cat “Milo” as i have undergone a similar situation in my own life.In the month of March 2014 i lost my longest lived pet, 22 year old Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo”.His death shattered me the most after the death of my parents and i am still recovering from the same.Trajedy of pets is that they have a short life-span compared to us humans and hence during a average lifetime we will own masny pets, finally all of them being memories of good and bad times cherished.

    • ello rudolph that is such a sad story you told me i am so sorry for all your loss but i am happy you gained some of your happiness back into your life by getting another cat to love and cherish thank you for understanding on behalf of what i am going through from the loss of milo milo fought and struggled to her last breath of life until god carried her into his arms and entered into the kingdom of heaven it was very very heart breaking to see this happening and you know exactly what it feels like to lose a best friend /pet if you ever need to talk about your loss of your pets please e-mail me at da*********@gm***.com take care and god bless

  4. Its great your got a new Kitty. Is he a Black Cat or Grey. Is he a Russian Blue? He looks beautiful. I’m so Happy you got a Cat to share your life with. Great to hear that he wont be declawed good on you. His ears look alot like Jasmine. I bet hes full of energy like Jasmin. Its nice you got someone to share your life with as well.

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