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My New Father’s Day Cards by Furby

My New Father’s Day Cards by Furby

by Joyce Sammons
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Sample of the Father's Day cards

Hi Everybody! It's Furby. I'm having to write this real quick before mama gets back to the computer. She's been working on the free Father's Day cards all night and I really think she needs a catnap.

I've been trying to make her go to bed but she's pretty cat-headed about things. I guess I haven't got her trained on going to bed when she's tired. Except she doesn't look tired. I even took a nap on her arm while she was working on these and she still couldn't take a hint.

Anyway, here's the preview for the Father's Day cards. Mama says she'll have a permanent link for these on Sunday. She just wants everybody to see the sneak preview and brag on them. She hasn't got around to the Father's Day cards with me because I hid the chip where the pictures of me are stored.

That one backfired because she had a backup chip with all the other critters she had before she found me.

Uck oh-I hear her coming. If I put catnip in her tea will she go to bed? Me and the dog critters are really tired. And confused. I hope I don't have to call in her cousins to come pry her off the computer. Oh well, she looks happy when she's working so that's good. She loves doing these for everybody.

Here's the link. Bye for now. Look at the photo book and the album under it.


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My New Father's Day Cards by Furby

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Jun 10, 2010 Bad link
by: Joyce Sammons

When I clicked on the link for the cards it said bad link so I wanted to manually give it to everyone. Its'

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