My Norwegian Forest Cats are great with kids and hypoallergenic

My Norwegian Forest Cats are great with kids and hypoallergenic

Brother and siter NFCs

Brother and siter NFCs

We got a pair of Norwegian Forest Cats (NFCs) two years ago. They are brother and sister, not pure-bred, but with the definite characteristics of NFCs. They go outside quite a bit and never mind the rain or the snow (we live in Switzerland).

Two things I wanted to mention here:

1) They truly are wonderfully friendly, purry and fun. Very low maintenance, never did a scratch in the house, and never scratched the children. We call the male, Sammy, our dog. He does behave like a dog sometimes. Very funny and affectionate.

2) We have had several people come to the house be amazed that they didn't suffer from their usual cat allergies. Through this experience, we have learned that their fur, despite the fact that you would think the contrary because of the density and quantity of it, is hypo-allergenic.

People with allergies do fine with our cats. I don't know if it's a trait of the breed, or if we just got lucky, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Hi... thanks for visiting and sharing. Nice to hear from Switzerland. Your cats are gorgeous.

I think you got lucky with the hypoallergenic trait as there are really no breeds that are truly hypoallergenic except perhaps the Siberian cat but there is quite a close association between the NFC and Siberian. They aren't Siberian cats are they :)...! They look similar.

Another cat that tends towards being hypoallergenic is the Devon Rex.

See hypoallergenic cat breeds

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My Norwegian Forest Cats are great with kids and hypoallergenic to Norwegian Forest Cat

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My Norwegian Forest Cats are great with kids and hypoallergenic

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Nov 25, 2011
Also have hypoallergenic NFC

Hello there,

Enjoyed reading about your beautiful Norgies - I have to second your finding that they are somewhat hypoallergenic. Despite the fact that my family has always had cats, my mom & I have moderate cat allergies. Because of this, our cats always had to stay out of our bedrooms, & we had to wash our hands immediately after petting them.

2 years ago I found our Norgie girl "Bebi"(more on Bebi here:, who was about 6 months old. At that time, she still had her baby coat which was mostly waxy without a lot of down...her old coat used to make my skin very itchy & I had to wash up after petting her.

However as she matured, I noticed her coat began to change to it's current downy texture with a bit of waxy top coat, & with this change I also noticed I wasn't having much of a reaction to her. Now I can pet her & she can even sleep up on my bed (on her special blanket) without giving me any problems, this would be impossible with my other cats. The only thing I can't do is rub my eyes after petting her. It is a wonderful thing...when I was younger I used to dream of having a cat that I could hold & let sleep on my bed without many allergies...& now she is here.

Cheers to you & your beautiful Norgies -


Aug 14, 2011
What to do if allergic to cats
by: Michael

Response to last comment. This is a difficult one. You have to try and beat an allergy that you have.

I would have thought a trip to your doctor might help. Or you might get referred to a specialist on allergies.

You can become progressively desensitized to allergies with treatment and/or take drugs that deal with the symptoms (antihistamines I believe).

I am sure thought that neither will be a perfect solution.

As for the cat; you can shampoo your cat but that won't last long. There may be special shampoos available.

Neutered cats are less likely to cause an allergic reaction but I guess that your cat is already neutered or spayed (female).

I don't think there is a ready fix for this problem and I don't think doctors can fix it that well either but you may get lucky.

Good Luck.

Aug 13, 2011
Norwegian Forest cat
by: Anonymous


I have a N.W.F cat. He is beautiful and he is 3 years old. I have been having alot of nasal problems lateley. Doctor thinks i am allergic to him. I will never get rid of him. He is so smart,pleasant,also talks to me and comes when I call him. He is the nosiest cat i have ever had. Follows me around,go to bed ,he sleeps beside me. Where ever i go,he is right behind me. Any suggestions, besides closing the bedroom door. It would break his heart. And my husband doesnt want the door closed. Another cat lover. Any suggestions? thanks

Dec 06, 2010
Good question
by: Anonymous

He will sit next to you for a while, then "paw" you if you don't pay attention to him.
Then, as you start petting him, he will roll on his back with paws up in the air and purr forever as you strike his stomach. His purr is very loud and can be heard from another room.

Dec 04, 2010
Funny Sammy
by: George

Beautiful cats! You say Sammy is like a dog and very funny. I'd love to hear some stories about Sammy, especially the ways he is funny.

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