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  1. Hello Gwen,

    First, thanks for taking care of Maximus when his other people decided to abandon him instead of trying to adapt their home situation. At any rate, I have 2 Maine Coons, one is HUGE (named Mr. Tibbs) and the other is just large (named Tigger) lol. I take the big guy (21 lbs.) to the vet regularly. Getting bloodwork to test for diabetes, kidney problems, etc. is a good idea for overweight cats, and should be done annually.

    Also, I feed him a prescription diet (Hill’s Science Diet Metabolic) to insure that he gets enough to feel full and yet is not overeating. Those are the basics. But of course, we have Maine Coons, and there is nothing basic about them! When I was gone for work a lot, my large guy, Tigger, would get very upset. He would attack my feet and cause some damage. I found that coming home and playing with him more helped.

    I also picked him up and put him in my room with the door shut when he attacked, which helped him calm down and kept me from getting injured. My best advice is to observe when this behavior happens. When you get home after a long absence? Only when his bowl is empty? In the morning or early evening (cats are more active during these times that any other). By noting WHEN the behavior occurs, you can help narrow down the cause. If you are away a lot, providing him with battery-operated cat toys (or better yet, having a friend come visit him) may also help if he’s lonely, if having a friend visit is feasible for you.

    Maine Coons are very social (as a general rule) and love to be around people. In short: rule out organic causes such as illness by talking to a vet, then do some deductive research to find the root of the behavior. Doing so should help you curb it. I hope this helps!

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